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How to cook Ofada stew, ingredients and method

The ofada stew is a native Nigerian stew commonly eaten by the Yoruba but nowadays some other tribes have adapted in taking the delicacy most especially people within Lagos and it’s environments. It may also interest you to know that they also have ofada rice but is not as polish as normal parboiled foreign grain. So today, I  will be teaching you how you can prepare a very tasty ofada stew;


Ingredients for cooking Ofada Stew

1. 40 pcs of unripe habanero pepper

2. 2 green tatashe peppers

3. Locust bean seasoning (iru, ogiri, okpei or dawadawa)

4. Red Palm oil

5. Onions

6. Crayfish

7. Meat and fish


Method of cooking Ofada Stew

• Get all your pepper both the unriped habanero pepper and green tatashe pepper but for the tatashe pepper remember to always remove the seeds before you blend it together with onions.

• Grind your crayfish and the locust bean seasoning together.

• Properly Cook all the meat and fish with the seasoning cube

• Get your already grinded pepper and pour it into a separate pot and cook it on a high heat till all the water in it dries up.

• Pour the red Palm oil into another clean dey pot and bleach the oil till it turns clear just like vegetable oil.  NB: This may take up to 12mins to be achieved

• When the oil has cooled down a bit, add the boiled pepper puree. Fry till all the water has dried up from the pepper. Add the grinded crayfish and locust bean seasoning, the orisirisi meat and fish and stir well.

• Add salt to taste, leave to simmer and it is done and ready to be served.