Barnabas’s Suite For The Souls Of Our Enemies (Part II: Lover) Lyrics

Another lonely night
Surrounded by breathing
I called him dynamite (liar)
Shot and sleeping, he believes me

You boys are all talk
Sexually nowhere
Alone, in the dark
Nice try, but the spark isn’t there

These men are a virus
They come, and go
Take their fill and sneak away
I’m a needle in a negligee
Come to me, lover

When I hit the streets
The mongrels are seething
Tourists love the city at night
Me, I see demons breeding
“Hey pop, over here
I’ve got something for you”
(Poor slob, smelling of beer
Nice suit, for an old buffoon)

I don’t need this shrink to fit life
I need somebody to help me
Can anyone set me free?
Come to me, lover

Another lonely life
Surrounded by choices
Choices made outside of light
Controlled by hidden voices
Sometimes we’re all talk
Spiritually nowhere
In our hearts, the key to new life
Sometimes, afraid to show it

Lives so tragic; they come and go
Crossing our paths every day
So easy to turn them away
Yet we are called as lovers