Rosny Kayiba’s Matondo (Imela) Lyrics [English Translation]

When I think about to Your goodness
And Your loyalty every day
I realize that I am not worthy
To live Your love

Thank you for your mercy
For Your incalculable grace
And Your sacrifice on the cross
That’s the reason why i am singing

Thank you, thank yous
To the Creator of the world
Thank you, thank you
To my Lord

Who am I to sing to You
Who am I to adore You
But your blood has changed things
It has opened to me access to your throne

I could not go near you
Not even sing Your praises
But your sacrifice on the cross
Just now, I scream

Thank you, thank you
To the creator of the world
Thank you, thanks You my Lord

No one is like you
All the glory to you
You’re wonderful
No one is like you
May glory return to you
My saviour