The Wretched Ones’s I Hated School Lyrics

Didn’t wanna read no books.
I didn’t wanna write.
The teacher
was always bugging me.

Didn’t care about my lessons.
I just wanted to have fun.

Never played with the other kids.
I just hung by myself.
I didn’t study, I didn’t care.
‘Cuz I…
I Hated School.

Didn’t have no pencils.
I couldn’t find my pen.
I just
wanted the day to end.

Stared at the clock
all day long.
I swear,
it would not move.

Fell asleep at my desk.
I didn’t study for tests.
And I got straight ‘F’s’
‘Cuz I…
I Hated School.

(Instrumental Break)

Now I’m old, I’m a garbage man.
The kids are picking on me.
I’ll get them back, I bought a gun
Now they….
can’t go to school.

Now they….
can’t go to school.

Now they’ll
never go to school.