Toybox’s Think Twice Lyrics

You are leaving today oh, I wish you could stay but I guess you have to pay cause you didn’t thing twice now you have to pay the price cause you couldn’t find the way… now you walk all alone and you’re so far from home so I look you in the eye and I feel as if I could cry


You never thought twice before you’d make your move now you’re stuck in a grove you can’t find your way out so you begin to shout…help me find a way I never thought I’d have to pay now I will say I guess I will have to pay the price because I couldn’t find the way

Now I come back with nothing more than I left with now I don’t have to pay cause I found the way now I can say


I do think twice before I make a move now I’m not in a grove and I know the way out so I don’t have to shout