Bhurhu kaKhawuta’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroXhosa sub chief
From South Africa
Father: Khawuta kaGcaleka

Bhurhu ka Khawuta (1785–1857) was the elder brother of Inkosi Hintsa and Malashe. As Hintsa was born by Khawuta’s first wife Hintsa succeeded Khawuta. Bhurhu was very active in the wars Hintsa led the Xhosa nation as he was the sub chief of the Gcaleka. He played a huge role in Hintsa’s leadership. Bhurhu died in 1857 and as a sub chief had to be succeeded and was rightfully succeeded by Mapasa who led along the area known as Tutura and beyond. Mapasa came into power at a very crucial point in Xhosa history and was actively involved in the wars that continued, he died in Kentani, Tutura. Mapasa was succeeded by his son Xhoxho brother of Moni, Mathengwa and Namba. His son Maboboti took over the reins from him. Maboboti led at the height of apartheid and never allied with the government of back then, sticking to the example set by previous generations of Xhosa leaders. He was succeeded by his son Tsotso Mapasa who died and was succeeded by his older brother A.Nongudlu Mapasa who led into the democratic South Africa.