Mohamed Sedky Mahmoud’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

IntroEgyptian air marshal
Was Military leader
Military officer
From Egypt



12 December 1914


(aged 69 years)

Mohamed Sedky Mahmoud (Arabic: محمد صدقي محمود‎‎, December 12, 1914 – 1984) is an Egyptian military leader. He served as Air Force Chief of Staff from June 23, 1953 to September 19, 1959, and Air Force and Defense Commander from September 20, 1959 to June 11, 1967.
Sedky Mahmoud was born in Sendalia village, Daqahliah. He graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy in 1936, and studied at the Abu Swair Aviation School No. 4. He became the first Egyptian instructor in 1936, later became the lead aviation instructor and headed the High Aviation School in 1944.
Sedky Mahmoud achieved the rank of Wing Commander and became head of the Dekhila Air Base in August 1949, and then Almaza Air Base in August 1951. He was promoted as the 1st Lt. Gen. in 1952.
Air Marshal M Sedky Mahmoud was involved in the development of the Helwan HA-300.
During his tenure, he carried out official visits to the United States, India, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. He took part in World War II, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Tripartite Aggression, operations in Yemen in 1967 and the Six Day War.