Nafsi Huru’s biography, fact, career, awards, net worth and life story

From Kenya

10 October 1986, Mombasa, Mombasa District, Kenya

Age34 years
Star signLibra

Nafsi Huru (born 10 October 1986), is a well known and established Kenyan rap artiste who is multi talented. Nafsi Huru, born Musa Adam was raised in the coastal parts of Kenya, Mombasa where he got the influence of Swahili and started his passion in arts and engaged in performance arts at a very tender age actively participating in school events and competitions. Coming from a community densely populated by artistes, Nafsi Huru was naturally inspired and nurtured by his environment to develop his creativity to the mature level it has become. He recorded his first song titled ‘Tunasonga’ in 2007 featuring Man Op of Skani Flani and Bambino.
In 2012 Nafsi Huru established his solo career and released the first volume of his Mixtape, whose reception inspired him to embrace art professionally. The mixtape featured a global network of Hiphop artistes. He did three music videos for the songs ‘Still Strong’, ‘254 – 256 cypher’ and ‘Ukweli’. Nafsi Huru embraces live music and performs with the Swahili Jazz Band where he is part of the management team. He is currently working on his first solo studio album to be launched on his birthday, 10 October 2015.


Nafsi Huru as a performing artiste and Swahili Hiphop ambassador, has had the privilege to perform across Kenya on different social events and represent Kenya in international festivals such as:

  • Jukwani Festival 2009
  • Lamu Cultural Festival 2009
  • Mombasa cultural Festival 2010
  • Swahili Festival to mark the end of slavery in the island of Mayotte (France) 2010
  • Story Moja Hay Festival 2011
  • Doadoa Arts Festival Uganda 2013
  • Sawasawa Festival 2013
  • Sawasawa Festival 2014
  • “Swahili Hip Hop Ambassador”. 

Hip Hop Hook Up

Founder and Director of the Hiphop Hook Up alongside fellow artiste Smallz Lethal. The Hiphop Hook Up is an event whose objective is to provide a platform for talented individuals from the Hiphop culture to showcase, learn and earn from their skill set. The event entails artiste workshops, concerts and open market for creative; it has been in existence since 2013 happening every second Saturday of the onth at Sarakasi Dome in Nairobi and has since grown to other towns like Mombasa and Kisii.


Co-creator of Uswahilini, a musical play telling the story of the Swahili people from their origin to their current state through musicdance and comedy. It features Nafsi Huru, Juma Tutu and the Swahili Jazz Band, I-Emas dancers and Maskaredas comedians.

Tribe 43

Tribe 43 is a one-page magazine featured in the People Daily, the number one free national newspaper in Kenya. Nafsi Huru is a co-founder of this first sheng magazine in a national publication. The entertainment magazine communicates in the language of the people and aims to build national cohesion amongst youth as it uplifts Kenyan talent not covered by most mainstream media.


Sanaa Theatre Awards 2014

Uswahilini won best musical play in Kenya 2014.