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Ryan Shelton is the boyfriend of Jess Aldridge, who ran away with his mother Georgina after she brought her newborn son home from the hospital.

“It’s the ultimate betrayal. You expect a new grandmother to fall in love with the baby, not the father,” Aldridge told the outlet.

The family from Gloucestershire, England, lived together so that Georgina could help care for her grandchildren. Aldridge and Shelton have two children together, a daughter, also named Georgina, 1, and their newborn son Reuben.

“We were trapped in the house for months during the lockdown,” Aldridge recalls. “It was very difficult, especially since Ryan and Mom were always being so flirtatious. I was so uncomfortable that it was a horrible experience. ”

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Ryan Shelton & Jess Aldridge

This family tree has just undergone a major reorganization. A 24-year-old pregnant mother claims that she was shocked to discover that her boyfriend and her father were having an affair with her own mother.

Although Georgina’s husband, Eric, was also in the house, Shelton, 29, and Georgina, 44, spent their nights together in the kitchen drinking Bacardi. Aldridge claims that she once caught Shelton touching her mother’s butt, but she tried to ignore him. “That was disgusting. She would wear these short dresses and be very sensitive with him on the couch,” she said. Aldridge claims that she even confronted the couple, though they denied anything was going on.

That changed when Aldridge was admitted to the hospital to give birth to Reuben in January. While he was having a C-section, Shelton, an auto parts salesman, broke up with Aldridge via text message, claiming that he was fed up with her accusing him of having an affair.

Worst dad ever runs off with girlfriend’s mom day

“Ryan had seen baby Reuben just a few minutes after he was born and then 10 minutes the next day as he moved all his things,” the new mom said. “They were in such a rush. He had even had my mother waiting for him with the car packed in the parking lot. ”

When Aldridge returned home with her new child, she realized that Georgina, a worker in a nursing home, had also moved. Although they continued to deny it, the couple eventually confessed that they lived together.

The unusual new couple has now reportedly officially confirmed their relationship on Facebook, Metro UK reported.

“My mother told me that she can’t help who she falls in love with, and Ryan told me the same thing,” Aldridge said. “It was a huge kick in the teeth, they had been planning it my entire pregnancy.”

She said Eric is also devastated by the news.

“She is destined to be a grandmother to my two children and help me take care of them, but instead she is going to fuck my boyfriend,” Aldridge said.

“I am heartbroken and I have lost everything: my mother and father for my children.”