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Deniz Saypinar, a social media personality who was the first woman in Turkey to receive the status of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career and “experience freedom,” the Daily Mail reported. .

But the ripped influencer got stuck at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport Thursday when American Airlines flight attendants objected to her fashion sense and banned her from boarding, according to the report.

“You’ll never believe what happened to me at the Texas airport,” an outraged Saypinar told her one million followers on her Instagram, where she tearfully accused crew members of calling her “na**ked.”

Deniz Saypinar Age

Deniz Saypinar is 26 years old.

Airlines of banning her from flight over the attire

A Turkish bodybuilder and fitness model living in the US was prevented from boarding a plane in Texas, allegedly because airline staff thought she was wearing too skimpy.

Influencer Deniz, who moved to the United States to avoid the conservative environment in her homeland, claimed she was barred from boarding her flight to Miami because authorities deemed her outfit it was inappropriate.

Saypinar is a famous fitness model, entrepreneur, and social media personality who was the first woman in Turkey to receive IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) status. Deniz had recently moved to the city of Los Angeles in the US state of California to advance his career as a bodybuilder and “experience freedom.”

However, the 26-year-old bodybuilder got stuck at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport in the US state of Texas after American Airlines flight attendants found her fashion sense to be inappropriate. Outraged, Saypinar took to social media to share her ordeal with her 1 million Instagram followers, saying, ‘You will never believe what happened to me at the Texas airport.’

In a tearful Instagram story, Saypinar criticized her staff and claimed they called her ‘Na**ked’ while showing her outfit that made her staff decide not to allow her to get on the flight. The fitness model explained how flight attendants told her that her style ‘annoyed other families’ at the airport.

Deniz tried to defend himself against her by telling her followers: ‘I’m not Na**ked.’ She later shared an Instagram post explaining her side and tagged American Airlines on Thursday.

The woman wrote: ‘I am an athlete and now I have to wait here until morning.

‘I like to wear feminine clothing that reveals my femininity, but I never dress in a way that offends anyone. I am mature and civilized enough to know what I can and cannot use. I don’t deserve to be treated like the worst person in the world for wearing denim shorts, ” she added. What separates us from animals if humans cannot control even their most primitive impulses?

‘I feel insulted. They didn’t let me get on the plane because I was wearing these shorts in the United States, ” Saypinar said. To prove her case, she posted photos on social media to show fans of hers the ‘cheeky’ outfit that included a brown blouse, denim shorts, and sneakers, as well as a white blouse tied around the waist. her.

A follower of hers supported her and commented: ‘We are in 2021, and there is still a dress code that you must follow to board a plane, of course, only if you are a woman. This is ridiculous.’ Another added: “Teach society to respect women, rather than telling them what to wear or what to do.”

Saypinar, who has worked as a personal trainer for seven years, was the first non-US citizen to win the US National Bikini Fitness Competition in 2021.