Project Topics



The research examined 2015 presidential elections and hate campaigns phenomenon: A study of The Real Buhari influence on voters. Relevant theories such as Social Responsibility Theory, Source Credibility Theory, Perception Theory and Democratic Participant Media Theory were used to give the research a scholarly perspective and add depth to the research especially on how media should behaviour as the mirror of the society, how the media affect people and what do people do with the media since many of this theory are less powerful media theory that was why people were able to resist the effect the media cause them in the cause of watching the Real Buhari documentary. The research used survey research method coupled with 200 copies of questionnaires that were administered to respondents in Lagos from which 183 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method with SPSS version 20. Findings show that 2015 presidential campaign was characterized by the hate campaign while media that suppose to exercise a level play ground compromised because during electioneering processes all political parties need to be given equal attention and publicity without any tone of fear or favour. It is concluded that many Nigerians actually frown at such documentary especially at that at the period it was air. Despite the fact that people were exposed to such documentary, only few people believe in such clip, meaning that there were third variables that influence the voting choice of the people aside the media campaigns because they know it might be a manufactured clip and a deliberate attempt to ruin the candidacy of Buhari such could be religion, ethnicity, political affiliate, education, social background etc. Majority of the respondents kick against future occurrence of such clip if truly the media want to retain it fourth estate of the realm position. Without mincing words, it is clear that the respondents discouraged hate speech largely due to the havoc it capable of create to a multi-nation Nigeria and therefore, they called for appropriate sanction for the affected media to serve as lesson for others. It is recommended that media should be conscious of what they do to maintain their credibility and integrity because such documentary can collapse the nation, therefore, media should be sensitive to national interest and social responsibility while the body maning the press control should as a matter of fact sanction the affected media to curb the future occurrence.