Project Topics



The importance of the audience or public of any organization cannot be over emphasized. In the same vein, the viewers of a television has proved to be powerful determinant factor on how successful a television station can be in terms of how profitable the television can be. No serious advertiser would invest his advertising budget in television station that cannot command the attention of the viewers more so large viewer ship.

          One way to keep a television station’s viewer guild to his television set is through good programming and an ability to adjust to ever changing viewer’s taste.

          This research aims at revealing the viewers preference of major television station operation in Enugu urban resident of Nigeria that is private practitioners and government.

          To achieve this goal, we started by going back in time to the humble beginning of the broadcast industry in Nigerian in the 1930s to 1992 when over thirty years of government monopoly was broken.

          The management structure of NTA is discussed as well as the law that broke the monopoly is decree 38 of 1992.

          This an more are discussed in chapter one chapter two reviewed related work pertaining to viewers behaviour and preferences.

          In chapter three the method employed to conduct the research was explained, where chapter four explained how data collected was analyzed.

          Chapter five present the result of data analyzed. Chapter five present the result of data analyzed and various recommendation marches out research findings.



When the Canadian scholar, Marshall Mclyhan postulated global village theory, many probably through he was crazy. The idea of communication especially the broadcast media becoming so powerful as to affect the influence people of different cultures almost simultaneously sounded absurd.

          In 1985, an Americana saw his dreams come true when he linked the world through a global network. His organization, the cable news network (CNN) has made an unquantifiable impact in the viewers (audience) habit since its inception.

          In Nigerian the impact of the broadcast media on the lifestyle and habits on the viewers has been highlighted by the recent privatization of the broadcast media, the independent (private) broadcast media whose advent was delayed became already on August 28, 1992 with official maugration of the national broadcasting commission (NBC).

          Recently, it has become the vogue for independent broadcast media to conduct level survey to the then population polls on reception amongst the viewer public. Those surveys save carried out by researcher department of the particular broadcast media, the out come of such surveys have always been favourable to the particular broadcast media. This smells of bias

          This research seeks to conduct a survey not only amongst the independent broadcast media (Nigerian television authority).

          The term audience in fundamentally problematic, it implies television reaches a homogenous mass of people who are essentially identical, who receive the same message, meaning and ideologies from the same programmes and who are essentially passive”.