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Pressure losses generated through elevated water storage tanks in various high-rise buildings have become a great concern, losses and other plight experienced in homes and industries where elevated tanks are used as means of water storage and distribution can be associated to design factors or considerations not fully satisfied. To properly address these issues and challenges, a modernized method of pressurizing water in a distribution system was introduced, a Hydro-pneumatic pressure booster tank system is a system that utilizes air in its operation to boost water pressure and give enhanced water outlet pressure. However, it is recommended that a Hydro-pneumatic water pressure booster tank system is designed using appropriate design codes and standard, appropriate material selection and stress analysis performed to ascertain the strength and reliability of the tank against failure. This project therefore presents the design of a 1800 litres Hydro-pneumatic pressure booster tank that can safely boost water pressure up to a maximum allowable pressure of 9 bar using Fupre hostel as case study. The required pump capacity, pipe size and velocity, total tank volume was calculated in accordance to AWWA standard, the pressure tank shell thickness, head thickness and flange rating was designed in consonance with the requirement of ASME and API 650. Excel table format was used to perform design calculations, Design specification and Bill of Materials. SolidWorks was used to perform static structural analysis of the pressure tank to ascertain its integrity against catastrophic failure. CAD drawing of the designed hydro-pneumatic tank and a model were presented for this project. The results obtained from the Stress analysis of the hydro-pneumatic tank shows that the tank will function safely when operated at the maximum calculated internal pressure of 130.7psi (9bar) since the deformation of the tank was within the elastic range which is below the Yield strength of the selected design material.