Project Topics



Most Stock Marketing Report, production, and manufacturing firms have the basic problem of information flow between the various departments within the organization. This research is intended to highlight the role of a computerized Stock Marketing Report information system in NSEC Compare to the manual system of Stock Marketing Report. To identify the various problems involve in the existing Stock Marketing Report information system of NSEC is the purpose of this research and to the proffer solutions to them. Data were collected both by interview methods and observation method. Stock Marketing Report models had developed in this research as well as Stock Marketing Report system. Secondly, the study also investigates how NSEC manages the Stock Marketing Report information system. Finally computer based Stock Marketing Report information system is suggested as a solution to more structured, efficient and effective Stock Marketing Report control.


The ultimate aim of manufacturers is to produce goods they can sell to users immediately at a profit. An interaction between the producer and the consumer tales place. This interaction is initiated, developed, and managed by producer’s Stock Marketing Report staff. The business function of Stock Marketing Report is concerned with the planning, promotion, and sale of existing products in the existing markets and development of new products and new markets to better serve present and potential customers.

Today Stock Marketing Reports performs a vital function in the operation of a business enterprises i.e. (as the primary interface between the manufacturer and the customer). Performing the Stock Marketing Report function in business has become a much difficult assignment because of the dynamic environment of today’s activities which includes:

  • Rapidly changing market demands
  • Steadily increasing consumers pressure
  • Proliferation of new products
  • Intensified competition
  • Growing government regulations.

Business firms have increasingly turned to the computer to help them perform the vital Stock Marketing Report functions in the face of the rapid changes of today’s environment. Computer, therefore, because of its speed, memory capacity, versatility and accuracy, has been the catalyst in the development of Stock Marketing Report information system, which integrate the information flow required by the many Stock Marketing Report activities. Computer is also used to make business decision involving millions of naira and so saves man from a tremendous amount of time consuming work.

Today computer is used as a control system for controlling Stock Marketing Report costs, diagnosis of poor sales performance. Nevertheless, computer is also used as research system for advertising strategy, pricing strategy and evaluation of advertising expenditure and continuous experiment.

This project work, computer based Stock Marketing Reports information system is taken to critically analyse and fashion out ways of implementing computer in NSEC.

In this chapter, the researcher established the aim, limitation and purpose of the study, scope, statement of the problems, assumption and definition of terms.


The NSEC produces and markets over four different brands of alcoholic drinks. These products are sent to the various stored and other branches or deport with the country. The large volume of stock coupled with the vast distribution not work creates some control and management problems.

The operation of the Enugu deport presently is completely manual and lacks some degree of information retrieval facilities. So, obtaining, storing and updating information on each of the items is not an easy task. It takes hours and at times, days, to locate any information acquired due to the volume of files involved.


The purpose of the study is to design a computer based Stock Marketing Report information system for NSEC.


The aim of this research is geared towards finding the procedure employed by the management of NSEC in obtaining information from the Stock Marketing Reports department and to keep track records of available items when needed, its re-order, and to indicate the product that are not selling in order not to waste money in keeping stock of the quantity of good purchases, sold, and produced.

The project objective is to find solution to the misinformation of the flow of data between the Stock Marketing Reports procedure and the management decision, by introducing a computer based Stock Marketing Report information system which will reduce the misinformation, be faster, accurate, reliable and improve output report that will help the management in her plans and decision making.

Because of the above problem highlighted in the old system, it becomes necessary that a new computer based data base management system may be designed to handle the duties.


The study is attempted to analyse the Stock Marketing Report concept of the NSEC and the ways of improving its effectiveness with the aid of computer.

The study is limited to NSEC Enugu depot with research from the Stock Marketing Report department.


Some problems crop up in the course of carrying out the research. These are:

  1. Financial constraint
  2. Time factor
  3. Insufficient information from the Stock Marketing Report department


I assumed that computer could be applied only to the areas selected below:

  1. Distribution of products
  2. Stock control
  3. Data processing and information retrievalDaily record form


Some terms are defined as they relate to their particular usage in the study. The terms include: Stock Marketing Report, system, distribution, hardware, software, and information, Guinness.

Stock Marketing Report: The selling of a particular product to individual that wish to by.

System: Step we follow to achieve a particular goal. It is also an inter-related parts each of which can function independently.

Distribution: Transferring or dispatching of a particular product into different locations.

Hardware: Physical component that can make up or build up a computer system.

Software: Programs written to activate the computer system

examples Dos, Window, Lotus etc.

Information:       Data that have been interpreted and understood by the

recipient of the message.

Guinness: The establishment that produces gunnies drinks of all sorts.