Project Topics



For an organization to be functional individuals must be employed.  First, there will be recruitment, which is used to draw the attention of the individuals.

Second, selections will be made based on a set criteria or standard and lastly these selected being the staff of the organization will be placed in job positions.

In seven up bottling company plc, there are numerous staff of different categories.  As a result of this, the researchers intends to find out whether these staff were employed, through rigorous processes, though with greater emphasis to how they were selected and placed.  Whether there motives behind their selection and placement, qualities.

For these purposes, conceptual literature, interview and survey approach were used among others, it was found that these exercises do actually that which that which the company selections were based on merit, placement were not based on suitability, the employee maladjustment occurs as a result of wrong placement, and that high supervisory cost is associated to wrong choice in selection and placement.

Thereafter the researcher concluded that for organizations to attain their goals and objection, selection and placement exercises should insure that right man for the job through the analysis of there requirement of each position and then find an individual whose qualifications measure up to requirements.  Also, that executive should be men of sound judgment, well balance training and quantities of a leadership.  And finally, that employment personnel should boost their moral by receiving management training programme.




In the early 1990’s, the mission of business was primarily economic.  But within the past few decades there have been pronounced changes in the views of many business managers about their social responsibilities, which have paralled and partly reflected the changing priorities and expectations of society about business social functions.  This is because business relies on the society for existence.  In view of this, the interrelation between organizations and their environment has become increasingly important.  The society managers and organizations are quite aware and conscious of this inter-dependence.  As a result of this, organizations especially ins the business sector are no longer viewed as totally private endeavours there are free to pursue their own ends as long as they break no law.  Instead, their actions are seen as having public return to owners and the outcome of the motion is a rising public domour for social responsibility on the part of business as well as other social organization by the business people have the task of knowing what to do to unreel the demand of various claimants for social responsibility.  All these claims have made the issue of social responsibility a concern for the business generally.

Social responsibility is essentially concerned with public interest.  It is the intelligent and objective concern for the welfare of the society which restrains individual and corporate behaviour from ultimately destructive activities, no matter how immediately profitable and which leads in the direction of positive contribution to human betterment.

The idea of social responsibility recognizes that each person is attached to an extended social system on which he or she is partly dependent.  Consequently, certain obligation or social responsibilities arise from this attachment.  Business people should also consider the needs and interest of others that might be affected by their actions.

Public needs have changed and this has led to changed expectations.  Society gave business its charter to exist and the charter can be amended or revoked at any time that business fails to love up to society expectations and need.