Project Topics


This research work was aimed at analyzing impact of NTA Enugu entertainment programmes on youths in Enugu metropolis. The research method used was the survey method and questionnaire was the instrument. The findings from the questionnaire showed that entertainment programmes have negative influences on youths. After the findings, the researcher recommended that research should be carried out by television producers to measure the acceptability and effectiveness of their programme messages.
1.1              Background Of The Study
The word “television” is derived from mixed Latin and Greek word meaning “far sight”.
It is a widely used telecommunication used for transmitting and receiving images, either monochromatic (black and white) or colored, usually accompanied by sound.
According to (Ogbuoshi, 2005), “Television is an electronic system that is used to convert moving images and sound into electric signal, which are then transmitted by radio waves or by cable to a distance that convert the signal back to images and sound”. He also defined television “as a system for transmitting moving pictures of a scene over long distances by radio and reproduced on receiving instruments”. When news or any speech is made the person reading or making the speech can be seen over the television screen. A television camera changes the area of light and shade in a picture into electric currents of different strengths. The currents are transmitted by the radio and they are picked up by a receiver.