Project Topics

Impact of urhobo voice newspaper on development


The title of this project is “Impact of Urhobo Voice Newspaper on Development of Ovwain Community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State”. To achieve this objective, the study made use of the survey method which involved personal interview and administration of questionnaires on respondents in Ovwain Community and the aim of this exercise was to obtain the data needed for the successful execution of the study.

The study made use of table to analyse the data collected from a random sampling of respondents. It also used the simple percentage to analyse the data. The study reveals that Community Newspaper (Urhobo Voice) have impact on Development. It has been able to establish that the Urhobo Voice as a community Newspaper has helped in improving the standard living of the Ovwain people in their community. The study urges both government and private individual to emulate the publisher of the Urhobo Voice by establishing more community newspaper in the rural areas to enable development take place. Finally, the study recommends the granting of soft loans by the government to interested individual to establish newspapers in the rural areas. This with a view to encourage private ownership of the mass media.