Project Topics



The purpose of this study is to examine the need of purchasing research to business firm particular reference was made consolidation breweries plc, Awo-omman Imo state. Purchasing research studies are embarked upon to obtain information about the controllable and non-controllable factor as regards to the marketing of goods and services.
And also helped the management to reduce the risk in business thereby solving managerial problems. 



The recognition of the need of purchasing research in the industrial and technological development in Nigeria have principal accounted for significant economic development in Nigeria. The need of purchasing research is important because Nigeria is striving towards industrialization. Purchasing research parts and the main pilot of commercialization plays A vital role for its success by introducing various finding to effective marketing strategies. This brings to focus on the need of purchasing research to business organization. Purchasing research makes available information, a vital tool for decision making which is the function of management. The acquisition of information for decision making is achieved through searching, collection, and analysis of data obtained. It involves going through old record as well as new ores to making comparison and selection based on the findings. Purchasing research is a disciple approach to problems and prospects of ensuring efficiency and profitability in marketing of goods and services. Purchasing research enables us to see the basic contributions, this study will make towards effective and efficient method of harnessing of out resources.
This will make way for a speedy economic development of Nigeria and the purpose of this project is to show clearly the need of purchasing research in business research.

Naturally, every business exists to achieve, predetermined cooperate objectives. The objectives are normally designed to protect the interest of the owners of the business. Therefore, consolidation breweries plc as the business organization lives to achieve the common interests of the owners. To actualize the goal, the management should be effective and efficient overtime in managing the scarce resources of the organization. In as much as management recognizes the interest of the owners of the business environment under which the business operates should be taken into consideration in other words, consolidation breweries plc cannot operate recognizing its social responsibilities to the rural dwellers. Many business springs up and suddenly folds as a result of various problem with out reading their targets objectives adequate men power resources misplacement of priority and mismanagement. These problems have given rise to series of development plan however, into the unknown complete market of investigation a view to determining and bringing situation, with that can assists in failure planning and decision making process. It is an investigation into the needs of the people or consumers with respect to goals and services so as to enable the organization attain the noble idea so the marketing concepts.
Actually, all business activities is conducted under condition of risks and uncertainty. The success or failure of any business, depends on many factors, economic force, cutting competitive tendencies etc. marketing decision are basically decision about the future. The future is not easily know and that is why consolidation breweries should be able to slid analysis and interprets available information towards solving any problem that may comments way. These problems also enable is to extend in determining whether consolidation breweries plc creates job opportunity to the people of the areas.

Based on the negative attitude towards the application of the usefulness of purchasing research could serve as a catalyst of change for better economic development to business organization with particular reference to the Nigeria economy.
The following are the specific objective of this research work.
(i) To determine the need of purchasing in business organization especially in consolidation breweries plc in Imo state.
(ii) To find out how consolidation breweries plc has been able to create job opportunities to the people of the area.
(iii) To identify the major problems that affects the operation of the organization.
(iv) To suggest how the company should improve its operation in future.
(v) To identify market research on competitors concerning their products range, price, promotion and distribution outlet. Product package and advertising.
(vi) To identify market research on product in determining which products do consumers prefer and why, and the consumers complaints about the products presently in the market.

(1) Is purchasing research important and useful for the success of an organization?
(2) Can purchasing research help on organization to over come of its problem in a distress economy.
(3) What impact does purchasing research have on the profitability of an organization?

The geographical coverage if this study limited to Imo state the essence of this study is to ensure greater efficiency and cost effectiveness of the research,.

The following terms used in this study should be taken to mean the following 
MARKETING: Marketing is a set a human activity directed as satisfying need and wants through exchange process.
PURCHASING RESEARCH: This is defined as a system gathering recording and analyzing of data about problems recking to the marketing of goods and services.
ANALYSIS : This means to get meaning out of the data. 
SYSTEMATIC: It is a step by step method of finding solution to a problem.