Project Topics


This research is on the impact of Television advertisement of Always on consumers choice of sanitary towel (A study of federal polytechnic Oko). This study is designed to find out how the consumers of this product react to the television advertisement of ‘Always’ whether it affects their choice of sanitary towel. The presumption of the research was that television advertisement affects this consumers choice of sanitary towel greatly because of its uniqueness of combing sight and sound as well as demonstration. But the researcher base was on the staff  and students of federal polytechnic Oko Orumba North L.G.A. the intention was to find out what extent does television advertisement influences them to change their buying decision, it has been observed that students have time to watch television adverts and filter media message to the best of their knowledge. Therefore, this study found out whether they are unfounded or bases on facts.
Advertising can be defined as any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, gods and services by an indentified sponsor.
        Television Advertisement can be defined as the demonstration of products on usual form. It is a known fact that sanitary towel products are numerous and at a point in time it will be of interest to the public to know the impact of television Advertisement especially “Always” which is daily advertised on NTA television. This study gives account of how consumers of “Always” react after watching the advert of “Always”.
        Television Advertisement permits our ladily lives. It has come to be credited by most people as being the savior of certain companies at the state time, the execution of others sometimes, people view it positively and other times, they curse it, some of it are said to inform, persuade or entertain while deceive or insult. These characteristics make it incumbent on any marketer wishing to sell goods to properly create and maintain a market product. A product can be ideally projected and yet fail to achieve desired success by not winning customers acceptance for the following reasons:
i. When the product cannot be obtained conveniently
ii. When the potential customers are not acquainted with the benefit of the product.
iii. When the marketers could not convince the customers that their need for the product.
        A marketer in this situation tries to find some means of communicating effectively with potential customers for the dual purpose of acquainting them  with the characteristics possessed by the product and informing them as the subject of advertising which is most accessible means employed by marketers to present promotional messages.
According to American impact Association. “Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor”.

        It is in this view that an attempt is being made to ascertain properly the impact advertising plays on the consumers choice of sanitary towel with special reference to “Always”.