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        In the 17th century when farming was regarded as he main occupation in Nigeria, farmers go to the farm in the morning, in the evening they gather at the village square to eat drink, rest and plan how to tackle their farming activity of the following day. This necessitated the  building of small house outside their main house as a place of rest and to accommodate visitors who may be travelling and need a place of rest. As time went on we started having caravans which people build for travelers to lodge before proceeding on their journey. When development started coming to Nigeria from out colonial masters, mimicking use of them mainly for sleeping accommodation. In the bid to get more satisfaction five star hotels were build for travelers to feel more conformable and to ensure that non of their meal will be skipped. These hotels were built to meet the need of holiday seekers and travelers in the country. Hotel business is a potential foreign exchange earner if well harnessed and in respect to this the five star hotels were established by government and individuals to reap the fruit of hotel business.

Hotel sector in the state economy have witnessed an uproar of problems. This is as a result of poor economy, insufficient powder supply and nepotism. The above problems are faced by five star hotels in Enugu metropolis and the country at large. They encounter a great instability in structure and output, this explains the instead setting and management of hotel industry in Nigeria. The cut throat competition in the hotel industry have called for various strategies to be used by the hotels involved, such as heavy promotional effort in form of advertisement and publicity at. The divindling and deteriorating economy in Nigeria have reduced the per – capital income of an average Nigerian, leading to their concentration. On the basic life necessity such as food, shelter and clothing. This made most Nigerians see the services of five star hotels as a highly luxurious thing that attract undue expenses. Though five star hotel is very vital in every society because it help in rapid development and makes life more enjoyable.

Five star hotels happens to be leader in the hotel industry in Enugu metropolis, though they enjoy leadership position some hotels keep challenging their strength while other take advantage of their weakness. They ensure to attain the motives of their establishment and also emulate the activities of other five star hotels in Nigeria and the world as a whole. Bearing in mind that marketing is a very delicate part of business they ensure that their activities are adequately planned and implement so as to achieve this goal.

The hotel business have to be market oriented ensure that customers satisfaction should be the top – mospriority of the hotel. In view of the importance of hotel sector in the economy and the need for better services in the hotel, the researcher take a critical look at the marketing problems and prospects of five star hotel in Enugu metropolis with special interest on Nike lake Resort hotel Enugu.   STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

The researcher was prompted by some problem which include the fact that star hotels in Enugu metropolis were met with serious competition among themselves and as regards to other hotels that entered the market. They encountered poor condition of economy neglect by the government, insufficient power supply, employment discrimination and instability in output. The economic depression, high rate of inflation and complete devaluation of the Nigeria currency have adversely affected the hotel business in the country. These ugly phenomenon have adversely affected the target, thus hotels are seen as luxuries. They five star hotels inspite of economic instability should strive to meet the need of the customer several problems. The researcher attempts to make recommendations, statement of the problem and correction of  the problems. This includes the one confronted during the research.


The objective of the study is to evaluate pest and present marketing problems and prospect in the hotel industry, using Nike lake Resort to determine the following.

  1. To find out the problems facing the five star hotels in Enugu
  2. To observe if the type of services adopted by the hotel are readily available to their customers.
  3. To determine whether the charge for the services rendered
  4. To examine if the quality of service rendered by the hotel are satisfactory to star customers.
  5. To examine if the quality of service provided by the hotel will lead to a bright future for the hotel.



H0:   The promotional strategy used by Nike late Resort Hotel Enugu do   not lead to increase in customers awareness.

H1:   The promotional strategy used by Nike lake Resort Enugu lead to increase is customers awareness.


H0:   The charges for services rendered by Nike lake Resort Enugu does not lead to increase returns .

H1:   The charges for services rendered by Nike lake Resort Enugu lead to increase returns.

HYPOTHESIZES   3  :     

H0:   The quality of service provided by Nike lake Resort will not lead to a brighter future for the company.

H1:   The quality of service provided by Nike lake Resort will lead to a brighter future for the company.


H0:  The services of Nike lake Resort are not readily available to their customer.

H1:   The services of Nike lake Resort are readily available to their customers.


The study is significant because it helps in identifying the major areas of strength and weakness in the marketing operation of five star hotels in Enugu metropolis. The research will be of great important to readers who want to acquaint themselves with services rendered by hotel especially in Enugu metropolis. It will be a source of reference material to a researcher who, is carrying out a research work relating to this topic. The researcher and other scholars will be highly enlightened by the new discoveries contained in this study. The project will be of good assistance to future researchers who may have interest in areas relating to topic. The management of Nike lake Resort and other five star hotels in Enugu metropolis will benefit from he study. This is because the marketing them will be adequately exposed and the necessary recommendations made. This study will interest our national economic planners concerned with the business of tourism and hospitality.   


This simply means the areas. To carry this research work on the entire five star hotel in Nigeria will be a very difficult task. This circumstance made the research work to be limited only at Enugu metropolis with special interest on Nike lake Resort Hotel Enugu.


This is a brief explanation of some terms used in this research project. Some of the terms the following:

  1. BANQUEST HALL: These are halls which hotels rent to their customers for activities such as ceremonies, seminars, wedding and other related parties (Hotel and management Approach 1986 : 256)
  2. CARAVANS :- These are small houses or huts built and installed for travelers to lodge before proceeding on their journ (Guide to Hotel workbook 1980 : 201)
  3. LAKE LIMOUSINES:– These are hiring services, which the hotel conduct for their customers (Hotel and management Approach 1986 : 106)
  4. SYNDROME:- An act of habitual persistence towards something in existence (Macmillan Dictionary 1979)
  5. PROSPECT:-  This means person or institutions who will benefit from your product and services and can afford to pay for them (Adrika, Ebue and Nnolim 123)
  6. FIVE STAR HOTEL :- A mark of high standard.