Project Topics


This is a study on problems of retirement in the Enugu state civil service: a case study of Enugu state universal basic education board. This study is an attempt to help the enugu state civil service retiring employees to prepare for life after retirement. The work intends to help the retiring employees to set their priorities right and to easily define their lives after retirement. In order to avoid the high degree of penury some retirees live in after several years of service. This study really exposes the importance of retirement guidance and counselling, various issues a retiring employee must address while he/she is still in active service, what the employers should do in order to help the prospective retirees to as a death sentence.

        Members of working class are individuals who are deeply engaged in paid employment mainly in work place and    organizations not their own. These places could be in the private or public sectors of the economy. These workers are remunerated on fixed wages or salaries instead of on commission or profit basis. They open the better part of their active life working for the growth, development and expansion of their organization. For their contributions to the progress for these organizations they receive virtually nothing in return other than salaries and/or wages. Salaries and wages are prices paid for their training, qualifications, experiences, risk taking, productivity and their other x-efficiency contributions to the overall development of their areas of employment as well as other sectors combined.