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Effective communication in an organization   makes room for cooperation and understanding between management and employees. It is seen as the nerve centre of any organization, lack of improper communication leads to dispute in an organization. To communicate well, requires  not only the development of basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also an awareness and understanding of the audience and the environment, successful communication requires not only that information should be transmitted and should be fully received and understood.

Effective communication in different areas of specializations is an essential component for management employee relation. Most of the management problem arises because of lack of communication among employees or between managers and his sub-ordinate is the major cause of crises and low morale at work (hall 2014).

Communication link different people together and private experience, that promotes social solidarity.   Communication therefore can be seen as a means of transporting information to one’s self and to others (Daniel 2013) communication in it most general sense is a chain of event in which the significant link is a message. It is the production perception and understanding of messages that bank man’s nation of what is important, what is right and what is related to something else. However, communication is the transfer of ideas from the sender to the receiver; it also involves transmitting or exchanging obstruction (Nwachukuli 2010).

Management is the process of making with and through others in order to achieve organizational goals in a changing environment. There must be efficient and effective use of limited resources (Ntekop 2010).

Communication is seen as the process of sharing information, ideas, opinion between one person and another, the communication process involves the sender and the receiver (Roger 2010).

Finally , communication therefore refers  to the giving , receiving or sharing of knowledge ,ideas, feelings, the content of the mind, heart and the spirit of man and woman by such means as speech, signs, gestures and postures. Moreover, communication is efficient when the chosen recipient received exactly what the sender sent. Again communication is effective when the receiver does what the sender of the message actually intended. From the above definition it is discovered that communication is a mutual exchange between the sender and the fact that the messages are transmitted and interpreted within an individual or between two or more people to communicate effective response or feedback.


Under this section, researcher discovered that role of effective communication in the management and resolution of industrial crises have not been taken into consideration which finally results in communication breakdown. That leads to poor management of crisis and industrial conflicts   in an organization.

Over the years , most organization have had very poor or low success in their business transactions because communication have not been the main tools that drives their policies and strategy to   affect their day to day activities towards the realization of their goals and objectives . Organizations pay little or no attention to grievances and disputes and they do not know how to effectively use communication to address problems generated .

This study will examine how effective communication can be use to resolve industrial crises in organizations and proffer possible remedies to the lapse.