Amso International Hotels, Wuse Zone 6, Nigeria

Amso Hotel is an award winning hotel that has been known for years. Here is to discovery, to the traveler who listens to the wave, sound and blink of time. Embark on a journey to Amso Hotels through an exceptionally smart, well connected network of exquisite rooms and accommodation.

Think of us as creative designed to help you discover the best possible ways to get comfort with both indigenous and foreign touch of class and style.
With its exclusive rooms and restaurants, Amso Hotel offers guests a high level of luxury and services – rooms, restaurant, bar, cyber café. We operate on interrupted power supply going down with the installation of overhead water storage tank to ensure availability of water round the clock.

Over the years Amso Hotel has equipped its restaurant with modern day dinning facilities to meet international standards as dictated by the hospitality industry. Find a perfect luxury hotel, find Amso Hotel. You can enjoy maximum comfort with the best rate you can ever imagine.

At Amso Hotel we combine tradition, luxury, style and Viennese charm with comfort and pleasure. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you as a guest in our hotel.


Amso International Hotels

Plot 85 Yaounde Street,
Wuse Zone 6,