Arnion – Nature Retreat, Clanwilliam, South Africa

Arnion Nature Retreat offers an exclusive wilderness experience amongst open veld and ancient sandstone mountains.
Experience the sweeping views of the West Coast, while surrounded by springbok, zebra and the various types of Namaqualand flora and fauna.
Unwind under the South African sun in the comfort of a rim-flow pool while zebras and springboks graze close-by.
A 3 hour drive from Cape Town, Arnion Nature Retreat is the perfect location to slow down and enjoy the luxury and beauty of the South African Sandveld.
Hiking trails for beginners to advanced, ancient rock art tours, game viewing and star gazing will leave you in awe and in love with the beauty of the South African West Coast.


Arnion – Nature Retreat

Off the R364, 2, 5 hours from Cape Town, on the Cape Namibia route private farm, Clanwilliam, 8135, ,

South Africa