Canaan Palace Hotel, Eket

Canaan place hotel is one of the top hotels among others in the oil rich city of Eket. This hotel’s exterior is carefully designed to appeal the sight of guests, there are huge, colourful flowers surrounding its compound to give it a brilliantly stunning and colourful appearance. If you are in Akwa Ibom and you haven’t had a night here yet then i suggest you visit Canaan place hotel which has its physical address at No 6 Mkpo Mbuk Close Afha Uqua, Eket, Akwa Ibom.


This hotel’s guestrooms are remarkably beautiful, the soft beds and distinctly furnished enviroment provide the room with a rather exotic ambience. Here in Canaan place hotel, we have a long list of meals for our guests and other facilities to please them while they stay here.


Canaan Palace Hotel is an affordable hotel in Eket , Akwa Ibom.


Canaan Palace Hotel

No 6 Mkpo Mbuk Close Afha Uqua