Laurel Guest House , Benin, Nigeria

Laurel Guest House is located in Benin City, we are here to serve you better.
From our serene and neat compound with ample parking space for your vehicles, to our world class, highly trained staff who work immensely behind the scenes to bring the luxury treatment to you.
Our rooms are cozy ad well decorated. The furniture is apt, so whether you want to some do some reading at night before for which we have a bedside lamp. Alternatively, you are in need of a cool atmosphere, which our air conditioner will provide.
Our in-room television ensures that you get personalized television programming and we provide telephone services.
We maintain our toilets and bathrooms at the highest standard of hygiene.
So next time you are in Benin city, simple drive through D.S.C. Express way, by Mofor park, Ekete/ Gbogidi, and you can be rest assure that you are in a a great time.


Laurel Guest House

D.S.C. Express way, by Mofor park, Ekete/ Gbogidi.,