The Real Reason Ken Erics Marriage to Wife Onyi Adada Failed

Most marriages are dead on arrival, especially if the parties involved are not willing to put in the effort to see things work. Being a celebrity does add another level of a twist to the plot and can make any form of relationship deteriorate pretty fast due to media/fan scrutiny. Ken Erics’ marriage to Onyi Adada started smoothly in December 2017 but things quickly went south, with the wife alleging that he walked out of the union shortly after. There have been several speculations behind the reason for this failure in his marriage, all of which we explored in this article.

Who Is Ken Erics’ Ex-wife Onyi Adada?

Ken Eric was briefly married to a beautiful young woman by the name of Onyi Adada. Onyi bekee, as she is fondly called, was born on the 2nd of October. For her education, she attended Girls Grammar School Awkunanaw Enugu before proceeding to Anambra State University where she got her first-degree certificate. After her education, Onyi went into business and has been doing really well for herself.

From what is obvious, she does not have a career that propels her to the spotlight and for this reason, her personal details are not always made public. It was her marriage to Ken Erics that pushed her to media attention. Also, before they made their union public knowledge, Ken Erics kept her off the radar for a while until their relationship matured into matrimony.

How Long Did The Couple Date Before Getting Married?

One of the reasons why fans and friends of Ken Eric were surprised about their marriage was because they didn’t even know Ken was in a relationship with anyone. Even though it’s quite natural for celebrities to keep their relationship hush-hush, most of Ken’s friends were blindsided when their nuptials were announced.

Apparently, their relationship/courtship happened in the space of one month. This might be one of the many reasons that the marriage didn’t last as they might not have gotten enough time to really get to know themselves before walking down the aisle. Also, there is always the overwhelming attention that follows celebrity unions, especially if one side of the partnership is not involved in the entertainment industry.

Ken Erics Marriage Only Lasted Less Than One Year

Ken and Onyi tied the knot in a star-studded traditional ceremony on the 28th of December 2017 in Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra state, and the wedding was well attended by Ken’s celebrity friends and family.

From the outside, it appears that the couple was together for roughly two years but from what Onyi has said, they lived together for less than a year before Ken just packed up and left home. From Onyi’s account, he actually left her in the village and she didn’t have a choice but to move back into her father’s house when it became apparent he was no longer interested in their marriage.

No one knew what was going on in Ken Erics’ marriage or relationship until Onyi commented on an Instagram post about Blossom Chukwujekwu’s marriage breakup. She wrote that her husband also left home 10 months ago, very early in their marriage and wondered if it was a celebrity thing. She further commented about the pain and trauma she had to endure during the trying period. The comment quickly went viral with lots of alleged insinuations made back and forth.

The insinuations about the end of Ken Erics’ marriage ended up being true as the couple is obviously no longer an item. Her bride price has since been returned to the actor’s family.

Possible Reasons That Caused The Crash of Ken Erics’ Marriage

While Ken has chosen not to say anything about his crashed marriage at all besides a cryptic message he posted online, thanking God for destroying the plans of the wicked around him, Onyi has been quite vocal on social media and granting interviews to some blogs about what really went wrong in her marriage.

According to her, Ken told her the night they got married that he was a man alone and wasn’t interested in her or any woman. He informed her that their marriage was already over. This is one of the things that led to the speculation that he might be gay. The claim is further confirmed by his estranged wife who revealed that the actor never touched her and even went to the point of telling her on their wedding night that he was not interested in her or any other woman for that matter.

On the other hand, people from Ken’s camp in his defense began to peddle the news that Onyi had a love child which she kept secret from Ken and that is what led to the end of their marriage. Onyi in her defense has reiterated that she has never been pregnant in her life and doesn’t have any child anywhere. She also shared that throughout their courtship and marriage, Ken never touched her for once.

Other speculations pointed accusing fingers at Ken Erics’ colleague Rachel Okonkwo. She was fingered to be responsible for the broken union, a claim she didn’t waste any time in debunking.

Is Ken Erics Actually Gay?

In a country like Nigeria where it remains a crime to be gay, we might never get a straightforward answer to the question of Ken Eric’s sexual orientation. If we were to deduce by his ex-wife’s account, especially his reluctance to consummate their marriage and his admittance to her that he wasn’t interested in her or any woman as he is a “man alone”, it is easy to conclude that he is actually gay.

His ex-wife also shared a story of one time when she got desperate about him not touching her and took her mother’s advice and decided to seduce him, she recounted that she got the beating of her life. Despite all the facts proving he’s gay, we should consider that all these accusations might be the case of an embittered ex-wife trying to get even. Moreover, what is more damning is Ken’s continued silence about every one of the accusations. Until he speaks up, conclusions cannot be drawn on his personal matter yet.