5 Careers for a Post Covid World

5 Careers for a Post Covid World

Covid has changed the way the world operates and has forced many workers to transition to a remote work setting, working from shared spaces or at home. Some careers seem to be on the decline and may not continue in a post covid world while others will be around for the long term. 

1. Web Designer

As more and more businesses are turning to an at home or remote operation, and many people are looking for opportunities to do things like Market their Professional Services or sell an artistic skill using an online website, web designers are positioned to remain a very profitable and long-term career for a post covid world. Over 45% of users believe that judging the credibility of a business is contingent entirely on website design. If a Website Layout is unattractive, 38% of visitors will simply stop looking at the website. And this decision as to whether a website is attractive and therefore the business credible takes only 50 milliseconds the form. Being able to provide websites that are attractive, with good layouts, and keep customers browsing is a highly demanding career with big benefits and payouts. Moreover, it is a career for a post covid world that you can conduct almost entirely online without having to work out of your house or deal with the bureaucracy of multiple bosses. 

2. Esports Professional

A recent esports report for 2021 indicated people watching Esports, participating in newly designed teams, and placing bets on games have increased 8.7% compared to the previous year. The market has reached over 1.1 billion dollars in revenue from things like bets, subscriptions for Esports viewing and competition, as well as advertisement revenue. It is projected to increase across the industry another 15% just in the next year with the total audience members doubling between now and 2024.  The significant increase indicates regions like Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, specifically China, have heavily pushed for mobile gaming, better platforms to support Esports, and overall improved infrastructure for competitions and diversified team participation. As such, being an Esports professional whether you are actively designing the infrastructure needed in different countries, contributing to website development for different sports, or participating in these Canadian esports yourself, it makes for a great career for a post covid world.

3. Customer Service Representatives

More and more businesses are looking for remote workers particularly to handle things like customer service demands. Customer service Representatives interact with customers, give them information about different products or services on behalf of a company, and work to resolve any complaints. There are limited educational requirements with a great range in the potential for wages and benefits, and the opportunity to find a customer service job for almost any industry. An individual who prefers working with education and children can provide their services as a customer service representative for companies that do tutoring services or summer reading programs. An individual who instead prefers Esports can still serve as a customer service representative for an Esports company, answering questions about the upcoming events and helping customers place bets.

4. Truck Drivers

With more people switching to remote work, online ordering has increased heavily. This will continue to be true as companies move to an online-only operation, providing delivery and takeout where they may have previously operated out of a physical building. Truck drivers need a special commercial driving license but they can make on average $30 per hour in different states with the opportunity to travel across the country, see popular cities, and remain actively employed for the long haul, no pun intended.

5. Server/Waitress/Bartender

Not every job has to be a remote job. In fact, there is a great demand for servers, waiters and waitresses, as well as bartenders. Many restaurants had to close down during covid and they had to let their staff go and shut their doors entirely or go down to a bare bones skeleton staff. But now that things are picking up many of the same restaurants and bars are able to reopen and yet, they simply don’t have the people ready and waiting to resume their jobs. Some restaurants are ready and able to reopen but are simply unable to do so not because of government restrictions or covid because they don’t have the staff. So people who want a great deal of flexibility and more engagement with the public should consider a career in Food Services whether it is a manager, food and beverage delivery person, or a bartender.