5 Things You Didn’t Know About Keralis And His Gaming Career

The number of people that have emerged to the limelight through their gaming skills continues to increase as time rolls by. A good example is the YouTube gamer Keralis who is also a competent commentator. The Polish national currently resides in Sweden and mostly shares Lets Play videos on his YouTube channel. Initially, Keralis was specifically into uploading Minecraft videos with several Minecraft series under his belt; this includes the likes of Minecraft Inspiration Series, Minecraft Let’s Build 1 and 2, Feed The Beast, as well as Wife vs. Minecraft.

He equally created numerous videos on the server of Minecraft survival, HermitCraft and later owned a Minecraft server known as World of Keralis. However, as fame beckoned, the veteran gamer started developing his channel by posting gameplay videos from several genres. Keralis has numerous city-building as well as management games such as RimWorld, Cities Skylines: Snowfall, Banished, Tropico 5, and SimCity.

Some of the survival games he has played include the likes of Conan Exiles, The Forest, and Ark: Survival Evolved. Keralis equally played simulation games like Farming Simulator 15, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and The Sims 3. His adventure games include Destiny, Dishonored, Watch Dogs as well as Battlefield 4.

His Gaming Career

The popular gamer has been playing video games for quite long and in the process, Keralis developed a flair for constructing complex structures in Minecraft – the open-world adventure game. His YouTube channel came into existence in February 2007, but it was exclusively for personal use at the initial stage. However, he made the decision to be more serious with YouTube and commenced regular uploading of videos.

His debut video was an exhibition of his building prowess in Minecraft as he constructed a wooden building (hotel) on Planet Minecraft. Though take-off was quite slow, the video later gained popularity within the Minecraft community garnering massive views with time. The popular gamer also appeared on a video for docm77 – another YouTube channel with a then 50,000 subscription level. Keralis’ exposure and subscribers increased when a second gamer featured his craft in a one and half hour video.

Generikb, the creator of HermitCraft invited the famed gamer over in May 2012, and subsequently, he started to function on the server as a commentator as well as an active member. Keralis began to create more gameplay videos when he came to the realization that he could make a successful career as a YouTube gamer. The YouTuber kept on uploading more videos with him constructing several structures in Minecraft, and with time, he expanded into other popular games to meet the needs of his growing fan base. February 2013 saw the famed gamer at 200k subscription level which informed his decision to quit the job he was doing at the time and fully concentrate on building his channel.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Keralis

Birth Details

Keralis is Polish by nationality and was born on the 30th of April 1980 with the given name of Arek Roman Lisowski. Information about his parents and siblings is not currently available, but it is common knowledge that the gamer’s family wanted him to follow another career path and thus they were not happy with his gaming profession. Because of his origin, Keralis’ spoken English is heavily accented, marked by both Swedish and Polish influences.

Personal life

Keralis is a current resident of Ystad, Sweden alongside his wife and two kids –  Kian and Demian. However, the detail of their marriage has never been reported. Though his parents don’t understand his career path, Keralis’ wife is in full support of her husband’s work, often making appearances in several of his videos where she plays games with him. Her name is equally not known but in the videos, she is called Wifey and even has her own account on HermitCraft server under the username Mrs_Keralis.

Interesting Facts

The gamer’s online moniker Keralis was first used in the popular game called World of Warcraft. He made up the name from both his first and last name but hardly allows his real name slip out. However, it was later revealed as Arek Roman Lisowski. Several of the YouTuber’s earlier videos were created through voice-over commentary without revealing his identity. Nevertheless, as he gained popularity, Keralis made an onscreen appearance to thank both fans and subscribers.

Social Media Presence

Apart from his YouTube channel where the veteran gamer has amassed over 1.6 million in subscription, Keralis also has a presence on Instagram with over 45k following, and 90k on Twitter.


Before he developed an interest in the gaming profession, Keralis was once an employee of a truck company where he was engaged in their logistics department.