Addison Rae Hickey Exposed on Instagram Live: Fan Says

What Happened to Addison Rae? Addison Rae’s Hickey Exposed on Instagram Live: Her Fan Says

Just yesterday, on July 12, Addison Rae reached 50 million followers on her TikTok page, and she is now exposed to her fans. Well, it’s nothing she would have to be ashamed of. In early late 2019, Addison went live on her Instagram page with another TikTok star Kio Cyr. 

It was fine of Addison to go live on her Instagram page. She just wanted to greet her fans following her bizarre post a few years ago. Four years ago, Addison shared a social media post that was termed anti-black lives matter. The TikTok star just apologized for her post in early July 2020. The buzz from her apology has just settled and she is again in the center of attention.

Addison and Kio, both are TikTok stars and are also good friends. With both going live together on her Instagram page, this is not a big deal for any social media user. But, after fans watching her live on Instagram found something interesting, things started getting interested. So, what have her fans found out? Let’s find out.

Addison Rae Exposed on Instagram: What did her fans found?

Addison Rae is one of the biggest TikTok stars of today. Also, Kio Cyr is a big TikTok star. When these two came together in live on Rae’s Instagram page back in December 2019, the live video attracted many fans. Things were pretty normal, until, Kio Cyr whispered something on Rae’s ears.

Here, check out the video first. Just in, the video just resurfaced on the internet in July 2020.

After her apology, the talk on Rae continued with her live Instagram video. In the video, Kio can be heard whispering ‘Is that a hickey? You have a hickey on your neck’ to Rae. Hickey is a term used for a love bite. Well, Shocked by Kio’s question, Rae immediately leaves the video. She then rushes to add makeup on the mark.

Thereafter, you can see Rae back in the camera frame with her hickey covered by her long brown hair. After her fans discovered Rae had a hickey on her neck, the was resurfaced on the internet. 

Fans Reactions to Addison Raes’ Hickey

After fans discovered Addison Rae had a hickey on her neck, it is safe to say that she was exposed in front of her fans. The way she lost her calm and left the camera frame could clearly tell she felt exposed among her fans. Several fans have tweeted about Rae having a hickey. 

Well, not only her fans but TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio could not confine her. She tweeted,

After Kio Cry discovered her hickey, Addison tried to change the topic. She asked Kio to say the N-world in the video. Some fans were quick to judge she asked Kio to say the N-world just to avoid the topic of her hickey. 

While some fans said she only asked Kio to say the word to change the topic, while some said she was only reading a comment. Either way, the incident attracted both positive and negative reviews. One thing is for sure, after discovering Addison had a hickey on her neck, her fans are speculating she is currently dating. Is she?

Is Addison Rae Dating Anyone in 2020?

Having a hickey clearly suggests Addison Rae is dating someone. But, who could be the lucky one? Addison is recently linked to YouTuber David Dobrik after they worked together on Rae’s TikTok channel.

On April 8, 2020, Addison Rae shared a TikTok video with David where she lipsynced the song King’s Dead. She highly praised David’s manly hood in the caption and that is what having her fans speculate that Rae and David are dating. Meanwhile, neither David nor Rae have made any comments on this topic.