Adelaide United FC Player Josh Cavallo Comes Out As Gay -Gender Revealed

The footballer Josh Cavallo came out as gay as he openly becomes the only active gay professional footballer in the top leagues.

Josh Cavallo is an Australian professional football player who currently plays a left-back or a midfielder for Adelaide United FC.

It was only in February of this year that Cavallo signed a short term professional contract with Adelaide to play in the A-league.

After an impressive start to life at the new club, he signed two years extension in May, as mentioned in his Wikipedia bio.

As an aspiring top professional and a talented player, Josh has also represented the Australian U-20 national team.

After being with the club for over 6 months, Cavallo finally gathered up the confidence and strength to come out as gay after the football club also supported him in the decision.

Adelaide United FC’s official Twitter account also uploaded the video where Josh talks about how he hid himself and his sexuality from the outside’s perception for the last six years.

Is Josh Cavallo Gay? Gender Revealed

Yes. The Australian footballer Josh Cavallo is indeed gay after he opened up about his gender and sexuality in a video.

Similarly, he also made an Instagram post where he shared the message about being gay to his fans as he also wrote about his struggles to come out openly as gay.

Furthermore, the Adelaide United FC also shared a video where Cavallo talks openly about the matter.

The Guardian while addressing the matter has reported that Cavallo is now the only active footballer who has opened up about being gay.

Likewise, he is also the only footballer who opened up about being gay during his playing time as several other footballers opted to reveal their sexuality after their retirement.

Hence, following his open video regarding his sexuality, Josh Cavallo’s gender’s is a gay male.

Josh Cavallo Boyfriend Or Partner

Josh Cavallo doesn’t have a boyfriend or a love partner at the moment.

Although the footballer opened up about his sexuality, he didn’t reveal about having a boyfriend or a love partner at this point.

On the flip side, it is a possibility that the footballer has kept the matter hidden as he was seemingly afraid to come out as gay.

Regardless, as Cavallo has not shared any information about his romantic relationship, he is believed to be single.

What Is Josh Cavallo Net Worth?

The Australian footballer Josh Cavallo is believed to have a decent net worth between $100k to $1 million.

He recently signed his two years contract with Adelaide United a couple of months ago which is believed to earn him a pretty good amount of money.

However, his exact net worth value has not been confirmed by any trusted sources to this date.

Thus, the above-mentioned figure is only an estimation based on his career.