All About Cake TikTok Song Explained: How to Do All About Cake TikTok Dance?

All About Cake is a new Tiktok song that’s been featured by many users on TikTok for dance videos. We have seen songs get super popular because some teenagers thought it sounded cool and decided to use it in a video. The songs make the videos great but sometimes the videos make sings popular as well.

Play-Date, Buttercup are two of the most prime examples of the songs made popular by TikTok dance challenges. Al About Cake hasn’t been as popular as these two but it sure is being featured in lots of videos. People dance to this song in solo or in a group. So, it’s a dance challenge.

All About Cake TikTok Song 2020 Explained

All About Cake is a song made by an emerging internet music producer on TikTok. I mean everyone is a producer at this digital age.  There have been over a million views on videos that feature this song. Cheerleaders, hosewives, and all the solo dancers are going gaga over this challenge.

This is a compilation of some of the TikTok challenges made that was featured on the TikTok account of “@kyleyoumadethat“.

Other than that, there isn’t a lot to explain about the song. The lyrics is pretty simple because it’s all about the cake. The song is definitely a Hip-Hop song and has been going popular on TikTok for all the right reasons because I like how it sounds. I really do!

How To Do All About Cake Dance?

All About Cake Dance challenge is made by a few popular dancers on the TikTok. I mean. there are no censorships and rules to dancing. You can just be ou and go ahead doing whatever you want to do but if you want to use this dance challenge to get popular on TikTok, better stick to rules and follow it all.

As shown in this video, the dance might look a bit challenging at first but if you break it down into smaller compounds and do it step by step, it will be easier.

As shown in the video,  first you clap, pop chest, clap, shake a fist, and do what the video that tells you. It will be easier to keep pausing the video step by step and learn to so one step at first. And then build on that and remember every successive step slowly. 

However, it could all depend on how fast a learner you are and how good of a dancer you are. I wouldn’t mind getting a little help from friends who have a good sense of rhythm.

Look at all the videos here and see how each of these individuals add a little something of their own to this challenge. And, remember that it’s not a cardiac surgery that you have to stick to it with laser-focused precision.

At the end of the day, it’s a dance challenge and you have to have fun doing it.

Who Created All About Cake Challenge?

All About Cake challenge was made famous by TikTokers, we all know that. However, we have to confess, if you are trying to find, what was the first username in TikTok to have made the dance challenge, we have no idea.

But, the song was originally made by an artist named “@kyleyoumadethat”. The Instagram handle of the username isn’t given on his TikTok. However, if you want to go find him and lookup for more of his songs and videos, you can visit here.

Kyleyoumadethat says that he is a music producer and an occasional video editor. He has a following of 148 thousand people on TikTok.