Ana Abu Laban Ethnicity: Ali Abulaban AKA Jinnkid Wife – Parents Age & Religion

What ethnicity did Ana Abu Laban belong to? She was the wife turned victim of Ali Abuladan aka Jinnkid.

Ana Abu Laban was a woman who was shot to death by her husband, Ali Abulaban aka Jinnkid, in the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex. Ali also murdered Barron, a friend of hers.

The bodies of Ana Abulaban and Rayburn Cardenas Barron were discovered on the 35th level of a San Diego high-rise apartment. The victims were discovered with gunshot wounds in the main room. The two were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

On the day of the event, neighbors in the neighborhood reported hearing gunshots and seeing Jinnkid leave the flat. The TokToker was arrested when authorities tracked down his whereabouts and discovered him in a car with his five-year-old daughter.

Ana Abu Laban Ethnicity And Religion

Ana Abu Laban’s ethnicity is not known but we do know she holds an American nationality.

Additionally, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Science from the Technological University of the Philippines.

She worked at Alpha Omega Integration, LLC as a Quality Management Analyst.

Ana Abu Laban Parents Details

Ana Abu Laban’s parents ‘ identity is not updated yet. We have no information about her parents’ occupations or siblings.

What Was Ana Abu Laban Age?

Ana Abu Laban was 28 years old when she was shot to death.

Though her exact date of birth is still unavailable on the internet, she was born Ana Marie Abulaban in 1993 and her birthplace is Staten Island, New York, United States.

Likewise, her friend Rayburn Cadenas Barron was 29 years old.

Learn About Ana Abu Laban Death Cause

Ana Abu Laban was fatally shot in the head and died on the spot. While, Rayburn, her companion, was struck three times in the cheek, neck, and head.

After attempting to flee, the suspect picked up his daughter from school and notified his mother of the incident. He allegedly claimed that his wife had an affair with Rayburn, but authorities said the two were only friends.

In the most recent hearing, Ali pleaded not guilty to the charges, but Judge Kimberlee Lagotta rejected his bail to prevent him from fleeing. He is also likely to be a threat to society, according to the report.

Following that, Jinnkid is prohibited from contacting any of his family members, including his daughter. In the meanwhile, the situation is being investigated. If convicted guilty of all counts, the TikTok star may face life in jail.