Are Moti Brothers Found Dead? Their Name Age, Parents & Instagram – Kidnapping Update

Are Moti Brothers found dead? Get all the latest updates on the kidnapped Moti children here below!

Moti brothers are denoted as the children from the Moti family from South Africa. The family is one of the prominent families of the country given their background in business.

As of today, the whole country has gone unrested due to the kidnapping of all Moti children.

The four brothers of the Moti family were kidnapped on October 21 while on their way to school leaving no trace of them.

Are Moti Brothers Found Dead?  Kidnapping Case Update

Moti Brothers have not been found dead as of today. To be precise, the Moti brothers have not been found at all.

Any information update on them after their kidnapping has not been found at all.

Hence, their current status cannot be said given the circumstances. After the shocking kidnapping, any ransom call has not been made by the perpetrators as they are still in hiding.

Only the driver was left out on the incident day while the children’s phones were retrieved from a nearby bush.

After that, no ransom has been made so far nor any updates on the case have been progressed.

Many notable people have come forward asking for help as the whole country is in shock due to the kidnapping aftermath.

Some netizens have alleged that the kidnapped children may have been moved to another province in such a long time. Meanwhile, some have said that the kidnapping case was done to avenge a personal grudge rather than to gain money.

Moti Brothers Name And Age Explored

Moti Brothers consist of four brothers of the Moti family. Their names are Zidan, Zayyad, Alaan, and Zia.

The Moti brothers’ ages varied from 6,11, 13, and 15, respectively.

It is quite heartbreaking to hear the news of the kidnapping of such young children that too, all of the children of the same house.

Who Are Moti Brothers Parents?

Moti Brothers were born to their rich parents; father Nazim and mother Shakira Moti. The Indian-origin Moti family is quite rooted in business in South Africa.

It was Nazim and Shakira who had announced the sad news and asked the public to support them.

Sadly no further leads on the lost Moti children have been found as of now.

Are Moti Brothers On Instagram?

No, the four Moti brothers are not on Instagram given their young age as well as their influence in society.

However, their case has reached every nook of the web and social media as netizens have come forward asking for justice and hoping for their safe return.