Badminton: Is Viktor Axelsen Married? Meet His Wife And Daughter

The famous Badminton Player Viktor Axelsen is married to his wife, Natalia Koch Rohde. Let us learn about his family!

Viktor started playing badminton when he was only six years old. Henrik Axelsen is the name of Viktor’s father. His father was the one to introduce him to Badminton.

Viktor was amazing with Badminton since he was a wee kid.

This made Axelsen join Odense Badminton Club. Viktor was just 10 years old when the Odense Badminton Club gave him the title of 2004 Player of the Year.

Can He Speak Chinese?

Axelsen can speak three different languages. Being a Danish he speaks Danish along with English and Mandarin.

Chinese also known as Mandarin helped him to communicate with Chinese Badminton players. Chen Long and Lin Dan are some of his Chinese Badminton mates with whom he talks in Chinese.

When he won a match against Lin Dan in the 2016 Olympics. Axelsen gave China Central Television an interview speaking excellent Chinese. The interview was a hit in China and made him win the hearts of many Chinese audiences.

The reason for learning Mandarin to Viktor was to communicate with the Chinese players.

His Chinese skills have helped him bag many offers and deals. As well as his Chinese skills have helped him strengthen his relationship with Chinese players.

Is Viktor Axelsen Married? Details About His Wife And Daughter

Viktor Axelsen is a married man. His wife’s name is Natalia Koch Rohde. She is also a professional Danish badminton player.

The couple is blessed with a baby girl named Vega. Viktor and Natalie were together for a long time and then tied the knot.

Vega Axelsen was born on 15th October 2020. Her birth post was made on Viktor’s Instagram. He posts quite a lot of pictures of his daughter Vega on Instagram.

Natalia was born on 1st August 1995 in Gentofte Municipality. She has represented the Danish national team quite a lot. She was also a part of championships like Carolina Manin and Olga Kanon.

Natalia has won several trophies, awards, and prizes in Badminton. She stands 5ft and 11 inches tall.

She won the 2016 Czech International, 2015 Italian International, 2015 Eurasia Bulgaria International, and 2015 Orleans International.

Viktor Axelsen Age And Net Worth

Viktor is 27 years old as he was born on January 4th, 1994.

Viktor’s main income source is his online store. His online store sells his personal merchandise that includes clothes, accessories, books, and many more items.

His own merchandise that is his online store is selling like hotcakes. This is adding more and more money to his bank account.

According to the sources, Viktor Axelsen has a net worth of around $1 to $5 million. This is just an estimated value of his net worth.

Viktor Axelsen has not just earned through his online store but also from his badminton career.

Also, the fact that he has won prize money by winning several tournaments and awards.