Bill Wichrowski Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Education, Surgery

Bill Wichrowski Bio

Bill Wichrowski has extensive experience as a naval engineer, boat electrician, and commercial fisherman. He is one such personality who got fame from the Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch.

Where he portrays a rough and tough man balancing the rough edges and sides on the boat from the meanest and stormy sea from different parts of the world.

Bill Wichrowski Wiki

Fished many years as a captain during the derby days of the fishery. Left the fishery in 2005. Came back to the fishery as a captain in 2010 on the F/V Kodiak. Lost job on Kodiak after major damage to the hull of the vessel following one of the worst ice opilio seasons in decades. Now a captain on the F/V Cape Caution with his son, Zach, on deck.

Bill Wichrowski Age

Will Bill Wichrowski is famous known as Bill Wichrowski was born on Irwin, PA, Pittsburgh, United States of America. His date of birth has not been officially disclosed.

Bill Wichrowski Wife

Wichrowski is a married man. Bill tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Karen Gills. The details of their marriage have not given by him to the public and media as it seems hesitant to share about his married life. The couple is enjoying a perfect marital life with no signs of rumors of separation and divorce.

Moreover, the pair has three-children named Zack, Jake, and DeliaWichrowski. Similarly, his son, Zack Larson also made an appearance on the Deadliest Catch in 2012. Currently, Bill Wichrowki is living in SanMexico and enjoying a happy and harmonious relationship with his family.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski

Welcome to the official website of Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski, Navy veteran, commercial fisherman, captain, and star of Discovery Channel’s award-winning Deadliest Catch.

Wild Bill is in his eighth season with the television show that chronicles King Crab fishing in the Bering Sea, a profession recognized as one of the most hazardous in the world. Over more than three decades of working his way up the ranks, he’s seen it all life-threatening conditions, brutal weather, backbreaking labor, isolation, sleep deprivation, accidents, and death and has lived to tell about it. And what stories he can tell.

When not fishing the waters off the coast of Alaska, Wild Bill enjoys sports fishing in warmer climates and participates in tournaments around the world. Wild Bill loves hearing from and meeting fans.

Bill Wichrowski Surgery

After decades battling the perilous waves of the Bering Sea, Deadliest Catch Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski found himself going under the knife for hip surgery in Feb. 2018. Today, the Summer Bay captain is fully recovered and ready to tackle another dangerous season at sea.

Bill Wichrowski Education

However, it is known that he completed his high school education from Norwin High School in 1975. Later, he joined the Navy and transferred to  West Coast.

Bill Wichrowski Career

After working for four years in the military service Bill began working on the Bering Sea to become Alaska’s king crab fisherman. For almost two decades he balances on the coldest and stormiest side of the Bering Sea that got him the Captain title.

Bill Wichrowski Rumors/ Scandal

Also, there is news either of them having any sort of affairs and extramarital news about as they are an ideal couple who love and bond is growing only stronger with the passage of them.

Bill Wichrowski Net Worth

Bill has earned a decent amount of income from his time as a naval engineer in the navy, boat electrical and commercial fisherman. Apart from these earning sources, he also made quite a name and fortune from the Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch. According to the Net Worth Glory, Bill’s yearly income is said to be $ 300,000. As of several tabloids, his net worth is reported to be around $ 3 million as of 2019. Hence, he must be living a rich life with luxurious surroundings.

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Bill Wichrowski Interview

INTERVIEW: Capt. Wild Bill readies for the new season of ‘Deadliest Catch’

Deadliest Catch kicks off its 11th season 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 14 with a cutthroat episode that looks at the always treacherous profession of king-crab fishing in the Alaskan Bering Sea. The captains profiled on the show have become household names among reality-TV fans, and one of the most memorable is Capt. Wild Bill Wichrowski.

Easily earning his “wild” nickname, Wichrowski has fished the cold waters off the coast of Alaska for decades. Except for a few years when he ran a sports fishing business in Costa Rica and Mexico, the captain has called the choppy northern waters home and reaped the financial benefits of hard work and determination, despite sometimes biblical odds.

He’s known on the show as a take-no-nonsense leader, someone who prefers greenhorns, or new crew members, to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

In a recent phone interview, Wichrowski said the 11th season will be different because Discovery Channel has “upped the scale of the camera equipment.” So, even though the storylines will be familiar, the visuals should be even more stunning.

“It’s the same every year,” Wichrowski said. “We’re going to have horrible weather. We’re going to have injuries. But I think season 11, what Discovery is bringing to this is everybody is going to get a better view of how this all happened. Always we try to raise the bar on how we deliver the program, and I think the video this year is going to be at a higher level, which should bring more emotion to the entire show.”

The captain wouldn’t offer details on how his crew performed in the Bering Sea. Viewers are going to have to tune in for the specifics. However, he did admit to several “complications” that abounded. Some complications in the past have dealt with the captain’s choice of crew members.

“Getting to be one of the hardest parts about the job is finding new people that are qualified, that have the ability to do the job, that are willing to do the job,” he said.

Instead, Wichrowski said he looks for people who need the work and want to turn things around to make some money. He needs people who work “no matter what it takes.”

A successful season on the ocean is one defined by no injuries and no breakages. If these two complications can be avoided, then the boat’s crew will likely make money.

“It might take us a little longer to catch some crab, or we might be up there for a few more days,” he said. “But the goal is to have guys aware, have guys keeping their head in the game so nobody gets nonchalant and somebody gets banged up. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’m lucky to say I haven’t had any serious injuries that were related to me. I had one equipment failure thing a few years ago, but it had nothing to do with anything the boat did. We had a piece of equipment fail, and a guy got hit.”

Wichrowski said he left home barely over 17, and he’s been working on the water ever since. He’s been involved in a maritime environment for so long that he has become “calloused” to the fact that he works on holidays.

“It’s been the only employment I’ve known pretty much my entire adult life,” he said, adding that Thanksgiving, a day he often works, is simply another day on the calendar. “I don’t know if it’s good, or it’s a curse. I mean you work on the ocean this many years, you just kind of become calloused to holidays and calloused to being away from friends and family. It’s part of life. It’s part of the job.”

As far as the camera crew, Wichrowski said he doesn’t “do any stuff that’s made up.

” This is actual reality television. “If they say they didn’t get a line or whatever, we’ll come back and redo that,” he said.

“That’s just the quality of the display. It’s about as close as you can get. You can’t call in stunt waves. You can’t have a pod fly across the deck and knock somebody off their feet. I mean all that stuff happens, and we’re fortunate enough or unfortunate enough, the camera guys are talented enough to catch it on film, and then the others are good enough to display it so we all get to see it. I think we’re more of a reality drama or docudrama than we are a reality show.”

When the captain is off the sea, he’s not exactly resting at home. The celebrity status that has come with his presence on the show has created a busy off-season schedule. Last summer, for example, he visited 27 cities, touring the country and taking part in charity work. “I was in my own bed 22 days last year, so the off-season isn’t really very restful for me,” he said.

Before Wichrowski retires, he would like to see his son, also profiled on Deadliest Catch, take over the wheelhouse. “If you watch the show you’ll know that my son and I have an ongoing battle about his way and my way to how to run a boat, and I’m trying to give him the opportunity to see if his way works,” he said. “For years, I said that I never wanted any of my children in commercial fishing, but that’s when if you had a four-year degree, you had a pretty good job that paid a pretty good wage, but I think as we all know that there’s a lot of people with a lot of secondary education that can’t find a job in their field.”

No matter what the final financial figures might be on a season, Wichrowski seemed honored to take part in this highly exclusive profession that sees so many people walk away in dejection.

“The most rewarding thing for me is when you finish a season on the Bering Sea, it’s an accomplishment that a very small percentage of the people on the planet are able to do,” he said. “I’ll run into people all the time, guys that are 50 years old sitting in a bar-restaurant, smoking a cigarette, telling me that they want a job, and I’ll say I don’t think you can do it. I’m being frank, and they get upset.

There are so many people that think they can complete this, but if you watch the show, it’s a small percentage of guys that have the physical and mental capability to complete a season run of the Bering Sea. So if I have a guy that doesn’t want to do it as a long-term career, and he comes up and completes it, and he does his job well, and he goes home with a sense of accomplishment that stays with him for the rest of his life.”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Addictions And Excess: More Dangerous Than Job?

In the past few years, Deadliest Catch fans have seen their favorite reality stars get themselves into some trouble and be the subject in some unflattering headlines. Some reality stars even died. Deadliest Catch fans may now just wonder, are the incidents of addiction, excessive drinking, and arrests just part of the most dangerous job in the world?

The Deadliest Catch Deals With Addictions

Even the most occasional of Deadliest Catch fans have seen how the crab fisherman grind it out. They are throwing and retrieving crab pots in the most challenging storms, ice and dangerous waves. They are working even when sick or hurt. This is when the captain becomes nurse. A few years back,  when Captain Elliott Neese was captain of the Saga, his deckhand asked “Can you shoot me up with some Cortisone?” Suddenly, the captain becomes the crew nurse. While this is necessary on the Bering Sea, this often starts the cycle of self-medicating that goes beyond the boat.

Then, there is the boredom. According to the Portland Press Herald, “doctors, counselors and recovering addicts say… [most fishermen who use heroin] try it because it looks fun, because they’re bored and because it’s everywhere.”