Bogdan Vechirko

Bogdan Vechirko is the current trending name due to incident happened during the protest against George Floyd killing case, where he was found to be driving a truck through the crowd while they were protesting happened at Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon.

Furthermore, the accused was handed to the police with covered in blood which reason is not known for now. But, this is not the first time he was involved in something unethical, he was convicted back in 2012 for disorderly conduct and was charged with domestic violence for that very case but later the charges were dropped. if you are willing to know more about him below are ten facts about him.

NameBogdan Vechirko


10 Facts on Bogdan Vechirko:

  1. Bogdan Vechirko is famous truck driver who was arrested for driving through the protest crowds in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon.
  2. There is barely few information about him, the details about his birth place and date of birth is not known for now.
  3. But, from the findings we have known that the convicted driver is at the age of 35.
  4. He doesn’t seem to have a wiki bio as his work isn’t something to be praised of.
  5. Moving on to his personal details, the details about Mugshot Wife is not known for know which is unclear that either he is married or not.
  6. If he has any kids, the details about them are also not known.
  7. The details about his parents and other members of the family is not known for now.
  8. Well !! this is not the first time he was convicted, he was already convicted and sentenced 30 days behind the bar for disorderly conduct back in 2012.
  9. He seems to be supportive of Republican party where the records were found him donating twice to Republican party and once for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.
  10. He doesn’t seem to have social media presence.