Brendan Wallace Net Worth And Wiki: How Much Does The Businessman Make?

Everyone is trying to figure out Brendan Wallace age as he one of today’s most successful businessmen. Also find out whether he is on Wikipedia or not.

Wallace is an American tech CEO who founded several leading companies. Most notably, he is known as Co-founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall.

Moreover, he is also the Founding Investor of Cabify and Co-founder and CEO of Identified.

Brendan Wallace Age: How Old?

Brendan Wallace’s age is around 37-38 years old as of now.

As per researches, we’ve gathered information about his birth year and it is 1983.

However, we’re yet to make sure when he blows up his birthday candles.

Hailing from New York, USA, Brendan Wallace holds an American nationality.

Is Brendan Available on Wikipedia?

Brendan Wallace is not available on Wikipedia.

So far now, despite being a notable businessman, Wallace is yet to take his place on the official page of Wikipedia.

However, several Web portals have addressed him. Thus, one can easily access his information through several other Web portals.

Also, we can find him on Linkedin Bio. With his Linkedin, we can get information about his experience, education as well as endorsements.


How Much Is Wallace’s Net Worth?

Brendan Wallace’s net worth must be millions of dollars.

The businessman does make a hefty sum of money through his triumphant career. In fact, he is a multi-millionaire. So far now, he has ventured into several investment companies as well as lucrative groups.

Moreover, he is one of the most successful businessmen across the globe. His success has led him to invest in several influential companies.


Brendan Wallace Girlfriend: Is He Dating Alexandra Daddario?

Brendan Wallace’s current girlfriend is yet to come to light.

Previously, Brendan being a charming guy, has dated several girls. It was also rumored that he was dating most-liked actress Emma Watson which was very true.

After that, Wallace started dating Daddarios. They provoked their romance when they went out together in LA last year.

Currently, he is not dating Alexandra Daddario.

The couple has not been spotted together since their Roman vacation.