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Brian Cox Biography

Brian Cox born Brian Edward Cox OBE, FRS is an English physicist. He serves as a professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.

Publicly, he is best known as the presenter of science programs, especially the Wonders of… series and for popular science books, such as Why Does E=mc²? and The Quantum Universe. He has been the author or co-author of over 950 scientific publications.

Cox has been described as the natural successor for BBC’s scientific programming by both David Attenborough and Patrick Moore. Before his academic career, Cox was a keyboard player for the bands D:Ream and Dare.

Brian Cox Actor

The British physicist, Cox, has been featured in many science programs for BBC radio and television, including Einstein’s Shadow, the BBC Horizon series, and as a voice-over for the BBC’s Bitesize revision programs. The BBC Horizon series show included What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?, Can We Make a Star on Earth?, The Six Billion Dollar Experiment and Do You Know What Time It Is?

In early 2010, Cox presented the five-part BBC Two television series Wonders of the Solar System. He also presented a follow up four-part series of Wonders of the Universe which began on 6 Wonders of Life. Brian describes that as a physicist’s take on life/natural history was broadcast in 2013.

He co-presents Space Hoppers and has also featured in Dani’s House on CBBC. Cox also presented a three-part BBC series called Science Britannica which sees him explore the contribution of British scientists over the last 350 years, as well as the relationship between British science and the public perception thereof.

BBC Two commissioned Cox to copresent Stargazing Live, a three-day live astronomy series in January 2011 – co-presented with physicist-turned-comedian Dara Ó Briain and featuring chat show host Jonathan Ross – linked to events across the United Kingdom.

A second and a third series featuring a variety of guests ran in January 2012 and January 2013. Since November 2009 Cox has co-presented a BBC Radio 4 “comedy science magazine program”, The Infinite Monkey Cage with comedian Robin Ince.

Guests have included comedians Tim Minchin, Alexei Sayle, Dara Ó Briain, and scientists including Alice Roberts of the BBC show The Incredible Human Journey, and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Cox also appeared in Ince’s Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People.

He is a regular contributor to the BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show with Shaun Keaveny, with a weekly feature. He appeared on the 24 July 2009 episode of Robert Llewellyn’s CarPool podcast series. Cox has also appeared numerous times at TED, giving talks on the LHC and particle physics.

In 2009 he appeared in People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. In 2010 he was featured in The Case for Mars by Symphony of Science. In November 2010 he made a promotional appearance in the Covent Garden Apple Store, talking about his new e-book set to accompany his new television series as well as answering audience questions.

Cox gave the Royal Television Society’s 2010 Huw Wheldon Memorial Lecture on “Science, a Challenge to TV Orthodoxy”, in which he examined problems in media coverage of science and news about science. It was subsequently broadcast on BBC Two.

On 4 March, a talk entitled “Frankenstein’s Science” at the National Theatre featured Cox in discussion with biographer Richard Holmes on Mary Shelley’s exploration of humanity’s desire to bring life to an inanimate object and whether the notion is possible, in both the 19th century and today.

On 6 March 2011, Cox appeared as a guest at Patrick Moore’s 700th episode anniversary of The Sky at Night. He has said that he is a lifelong fan of the program and that it helped inspire him to become a physicist. On 10 March 2011, he gave the Ninth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture.

Cox was the science advisor for the science fiction film Sunshine. On the DVD release, he provides an audio commentary where he discusses scientific accuracies (and inaccuracies) depicted in the film. He also was featured on the Discovery Channel special Megaworld: Switzerland. In 2013, he presented another series of “Wonders of Life”.

On 14 November 2013, BBC Two broadcast The Science of Doctor Who in celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, in which Cox tackles the mysteries of time travel. The lecture was recorded at the Royal Institution Faraday Lecture Theatre. The BBC subsequently broadcasts the Human Universe and Forces of Nature also presented by Cox.

Brian Cox Age

Brian was born on 3 March 1968 in Oldham, United Kingdom. He is 51 years old as of 2019.

Brian Cox Family

Cox was born on 3 March 1968 in the Royal Oldham Hospital, later living in nearby Chadderton from 1971. His parents worked for Yorkshire Bank, his mother as a cashier and his father as a middle-manager in the same branch.

He recalls a happy childhood in Oldham that included pursuits such as dance, gymnastics, plane spotting, and even bus spotting. He attended the independent Hulme Grammar School in Oldham from 1979 to 1986.

He has stated in many interviews and in an episode of Wonders of the Universe that when he was 12, the book Cosmos by Carl Sagan was a key factor in inspiring him to become a physicist. He said on The Jonathan Ross Show that he performed poorly on his maths A-level exam: “I got a D … I was really not very good … I found out you need to practice.”

Brian Cox Wife

In 2003, Cox got married to Gia Milinovich. Gia is an American-British television presenter and writer. Milinovich was born in Minnesota where she presented television programs such as Channel 4’s Demolition, as well as Sky Sports, Nickelodeon, and BBC Radio 5 Live Shows.

Brian Cox Body Measurements

  • Height: 5 ft 8 in'(1.76 Meters or 176 cm)
  • Weight: Not Available
  • Shoe Size: Not Available
  • Body Shape: Not Available
  • Hair Colour: Grey

Brian Cox Salary

Brian’s annual salary is under review. This information will soon be updated.

Brian Cox Net Worth

Cox has earned himself a great fortune from his career. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Brian Cox Band

Cox played the keyboard in the 1980s and early ’90s for the rock band Dare. Dare released two albums with Cox – Out of the Silence in 1988 and Blood from Stone in 1991. He joined D:Ream, a group that had several hits in the UK charts, including the number one “Things Can Only Get Better”, later used as a New Labour election anthem, although he did not play on the track.

Brian Cox Photo

Brian Cox Physicist

Cox studied physics at the University of Manchester during his music career. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree with first-class honors and a Master of Philosophy degree in physics. After D:Ream disbanded in 1997, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree in high-energy particle physics at the University of Manchester.

His thesis, Double Diffraction Dissociation at Large Momentum Transfer, was supervised by Robin Marshall and based on research he did on the H1 experiment at the Hadron Elektron Ring Anlage (HERA) particle accelerator at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg, Germany.

Brian Cox D Ream

Brian Cox Scientist

Brian Cox Books

  • Why Does E=mc²? (And Why Should We Care?) with Jeff Forshaw (2009)
  • Wonders of the Solar System (with Andrew Cohen) (2010)
  • Wonders of the Universe (with Andrew Cohen) (2011)
  • The Quantum Universe (And Why Anything That Can Happen, Does) with Jeff Forshaw (2011)
  • Wonders of Life: Exploring the Most Extraordinary Phenomenon in the Universe (with Andrew Cohen) (2013)
  • Human Universe (with Andrew Cohen) (2014)
  • Forces of Nature (with Andrew Cohen) (2016)
  • Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos with Jeff Forshaw (2016)

Brian Cox Tour

Brian has no tour as of now. This information will soon be updated.

Professor Brian Cox Live

Brian Cox TV Shows

  • Wonders Of The Universe
  • Wonders Of The Solar System
  • Forces of Nature with Brian Cox
  • Wonders of Life
  • Human Universe
  • Stargazing Live
  • The Sky at Night
  • In Search of Science
  • Science Britannica
  • Stargazing Live Back To Earth
  • An Evening with Brian Cox
  • Forces of Nature
  • Stargazing

Brian Cox Lecture

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Brian Cox Music

Session discography
  • Dare – Out of the Silence (1988)
  • Dare – Blood from Stone (1991)
  • D:Ream – D:Ream on Volume 1 (1993)
  • D:Ream – In Memory Of… (2011)

Brian Cox New Book

  • Private Life of the Atom
  • Planets
  • 경이로운 생명 Wonders of Life(양장본 HardCover)
  • How to Build a Universe
  • Universal: What Is Physics?
  • Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos
  • Forces of Nature

Universal Brian Cox

  • Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos
  • Why Does E=mc²?
  • The Quantum Universe
  • Wonders of the Universe
  • Wonders of the Solar System
  • Human Universe
  • The Origin of (Almost) Everything
  • Forces of Nature

Brian Cox Universe

An awe-inspiring, unforgettable journey of scientific exploration from Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, the international bestselling authors of Why Does E=MC2′ and The Quantum Universe, with 55 black- & -white and 45 full-color pages featuring photographs, diagrams, maps, tables, and graphs We dare to imagine a time before the Big Bang when the entire universe was compressed into a space smaller than an atom. And now, as Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw show, we can do more than imagine: we can understand.

Universal takes us on an epic journey of scientific exploration. It reveals how we can all come to grips with some of the most fundamental questions about our Earth, Sun, and solar system’ and the star-filled galaxies beyond. How big is our solar system’ How quickly is space expanding’ How big is the universe’ What is it made of’ Some of these questions can be answered on the basis of observations you can make in your own backyard.

Other answers draw on the astonishing information now being gathered by teams of astronomers operating at the frontiers of the known universe. At the heart of all this lies the scientific method. Science reveals a deeper beauty and connects us to each other, to our world, and to our universe. Science reaches out into the unknown. As Universal demonstrates, if we dare to imagine, we can do the same.

Originally published: 21 September 2016
Authors: Brian Cox, Jeff Forshaw

Brian Cox Astronomer

Brian Cox Science

Brian Cox Latest Book

  • 경이로운 생명 Wonders of Life(양장본 HardCover)
  • How to Build a Universe
  • Universal: What Is Physics?
  • Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos
  • Forces of Nature
  • The Brian Cox Collection: Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of the Solar System
  • Wonders of Life

Things Can Only Get Better Brian Cox

Brian Cox Space

Brian Cox Documentary

Brian Cox Movies

  • Horizon
  • The Big Bang Machine
  • Wonders of the Solar System
  • Dani’s House
  • Would I Lie to You?
  • QI
  • Stargazing Live
  • Wonders of the Universe
  • A Night with the Stars
  • The One Show
  • The Sky at Night
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • The Horizon Guide: Moon
  • The Jonathan Ross Show
  • Doctor Who
  • Wonders of Life
  • Science Britannica
  • Conan
  • The Science of Doctor Who
  • In Search of Science
  • Monty Python Live
  • Human Universe
  • Space, Time & Videotape
  • Forces of Nature
  • The Entire Universe
  • Life of a Universe

Frequently Asked Questions About Brian Cox

Who is Brian Cox?

Brian is an English physicist who also serves as a professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.

How old is Brian Cox?

Brian celebrates his birthday on 3rd March every year. As of 2019, he is 51 years old.

How tall is Brian Cox?

Cox has a standing height of 5 feet 8 inches tall which is equivalent to 1.76 meters tall.

Is Brian Cox married?

Brian is married to American-British news reporter and writer, Gia Milinovich

How much is Brian Cox worth?

Cox has earned himself a great fortune from his career. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

How much does Brian Cox make?

Brian’s annual salary is under review. This information will soon be updated.

Where does Brian Cox live?

Cox has not revealed here he lives. This information will soon be updated.

Is Brian Cox dead or alive?

Cox is alive and healthy.

Where is Brian Cox now?

Cox is yet to reveal to his fans what he has been up to. This information will soon be updated.

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