Brittany Renner Divorce With Baby Daddy PJ Washington- Her Dating History & Net Worth Explored

Brittany Renner secretly filed for divorce with PJ Washington after two weeks of giving birth to their baby and she earns $200k annually as child support amount now.

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model and fitness enthusiast, who has more than 4.6 million followers on the platform. 

She first gained attention after she posted workout videos on Instagram and promoted fitness products.  

Further, she was born on February 26, 1992, in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and is 29 years old currently. 

Renner is half Caucasian and half African-American. She attended Jackson State University and played soccer during her time at the university. 

In 2010, she led her team to win the SWAC championship. 

Prior to her online career as a model and influencer, she worked as a salesgirl, caregiver, and Zumba instructor.


Brittany Renner Divorce With Baby Daddy PJ Washington- Dating History

Brittany Renner is currently making headlines for her child support battle with the basketball player, PJ Washington.

 The exact timeline of their relationship is unknown but they made their relationship public in February 2021. 

A few months later, the couple welcomed their first baby in May 2021. 

Rumors have it Renner and Washington reportedly tied the knot during that time. 

Further, the couple split shortly after the birth of their child. Fans took to Twitter to share the Renner apparently filed for divorce from Washington two weeks after their child’s birth. 

There was also no prenup between them. 

Another news stated that Washington will have to pay $200k per month in child support to Renner until the child is 18 years old. 

As per HITC, Washington earns around $4.2 million annually before taxes.

If the news is true and he pays $200k a month to Renner, he will have to pay more than half his salary to his baby mother for the next 18 years. 

This news has outraged Washington’s fans who feel Renner is robbing him. A video on social media showed Renner saying that if a girl wants to come out of a difficult situation, then all they have to do is sleep with an athlete. 

She said athletes are dumb and they never wear dumb. Her statements hint she is talking about child support and how it is an easy way to make money. 

The video has further angered the fans and they are calling her out for allegedly trapping Washington. 

What Is Brittany Renner Net Worth?

Brittany Renner’s net worth is estimated at less than a million.

Aside from her career as an Instagram model, she has published a book, A liberating journey through the life and times of Brittany Renner

The book was originally out for sale in 2018 for $19.99. In addition, she owns a swimwear brand. Each piece range between $29 to $59 dollars and above, according to

If the rumors are true, she will receive $200k per month in child support from PJ Washington for the next 18 years. This will certainly elevate her income source to a few million dollars.