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Chipper Jones Biography

Chipper Jones is an American former baseball player ( MLB) who played for Atlanta Braves from 1993 to 2012. He has won 2x Silver Slugger. In addition to that, he is 8X All-Star, Likewise NL MVP in 1999. Beyond, he is first  switch- hitter in Major League Baseball history to obtain at least 2,500 hits, 1,500 RBIs, 1,500 runs and 1,500 walks. Jones ended his career hitting over .300 from each side of home plate

Chipper Jones Age| How old is Chipper Jones?

Jones was born in DeLand, Florida, on 24 April 1972.  to Larry Wayne Jones, Sr.who was a teacher and coach at T. DeWitt Taylor High School in Pierson. It’s the same high school Jones would later attend and play baseball. His mother is Lynne Jones. Chipper is now 47 years of age os of 2019. Jones was nicknamed “Chipper” by his father and other family members. He passionately loved baseball predominantly because of his father’s position as a coach and began to play Little League teams at age 7.

Chipper Jones Wives| Sons

Chipper Jones is a family man with five children: sons, Matthew Jones, Shea Jones, Larry Wayne Jones III, and Tristen Jones. His youngest son was born to him by his present wife. He has been married three times to three different women: first with Karin Fulford and Sharon Loginov and his present wife His first marriage was Split after it was revealed that he had an extramarital affair with a waitress, a relationship that produced a son. His current wife is Taylor Higgins, a former Playboy model whom he married in 2015 and both welcomed their son, Cutler Ridge Jones on January 11, 2017, in Atlanta.

Chipper Jones Net Worth

Jones has an estimated net worth of   $ 110 million. Indeed, most of his incomes come from his professional career as a baseball player for Atlanta Braves. Jones has been playing for Atlanta Braves from 1993 to 2012, he has been in baseball business for a very long time now. However, we don’t know whether he has other personal business or he is associated with other cash exercises apart from his common career.

Chipper Jones Education

During his freshman year, Jones was a starting pitcher and shortstop for Taylor High School. In the same year, he also played on a local American Legion Baseball team in right field. During his freshman year, Jones was enrolled at the Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. For three seasons he was with the Bolles, the team and a state double-A championship. Jones batted .483 in his senior season and also pitched well enough for a 7–3 record and .987 earned run average, striking out 100 batters and walking only 25. Jones’ team reached the state championship again during his senior year; however, they lost during the final innings of the game.

Chipper Jones Professional career

Jones was selected by the Atlanta Braves as the first pick overall in the 1990 Major League Baseball draft signing him to a contract with a $275,000 signing bonus. At the time Jones played shortstop. Chipper Jones finished college with a 7-3 record. and. He refused to play the Atlanta major league. Jones played in minor leagues until he debuted on 11 September 1993, as the youngest player in the major league.

Chipper Jones 1991 Topps

1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones #333

When the first war in Iraq happened, Topps created a special run of their 1991 set specifically for the troops. These cards have a small gold foil logo on the front separating them from the main 1991 Topps Baseball release. Needless to say, the 1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones is scarce. But the history behind the set gives it another layer of intrigue. It gives the card a story.

Not only that, today the card can be tough to find in top condition. How many troops have card supplies handy? Not a lot. So even those that did survive, many have rough edges and dinged corners. Because of their popularity, counterfeiting has long been a problem with 1991 Topps Desert Shield cards. Some of the things to look for with an authentic card are a rounded bottom and the details throughout the gold logo are crisp.

1991 Topps Tiffany Chipper Jones #333

Another tough spin on the main 1991 Topps set, this Chipper Jones could only be found as part of a box set. Think of it as an upscale version, most notable for its glossy surface. That can be a little hard to see in a picture, but it’s certainly noticeable when you touch it. Tiffany cards also have bright card stock on the back, similar to O-Pee-Chee. While many brands were ramping up production at the time, 1991 Topps Tiffany is actually one of the rarest releases in the set’s nine-year run. Exact numbers for this set aren’t known, though.

Chipper Jones Rookie Cards

Almost as cheap as his Score rookie card, the 1991 Topps suffered from the same amount of over-production. Regardless, the design is much better than its Score counterpart and is one of the most iconic baseball cards from the 1990s. Jones was an amazing talent and his rookie cards will remain some of the most sought after rookie cards in the baseball card hobby for a long time.

Chipper Jones on the disabled list

For 19 seasons in his MLB career, he played for the Atlanta Braves and only missed one season (1994) due to an ACL tear in his left knee that left him on the disabled list for the entire strike-shortened season. He returned in 1995 to play actively in 140 games and attained a level of success, finishing second in the Baseball Writers’ Rookie of the Year balloting. He participated in both the 1995 World Series in which the Braves won in six games over the Cleveland Indians, as well as in the 1996 World Series.

A few years later Chipper Jones won the National League MVP award after becoming the first player ever to hit over .300. He went on to win Players Choice Outstanding Rookie of the Year Award and Sporting.

Chipper Jones Awards

After his recovery from the injury, he rejoined the Atlanta Braves against the Florida Marlins. Although there were speculations of his retirement. With all that, he played 126 games and announced he would be playing in the 2012 season. Jone played his last game at the 2012 National League Wild Card Playoff in which the Braves lost 6–3. He earned the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award that year and played in 112 games.

Chipper Jones Hall of Fame

Meanwhile, in February 2013, the Atlanta Braves announced that they would induct Jones into the Braves Hall of Fame and retire his number, 10. Jones’s Braves Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place on June 28 during a luncheon at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and featured speeches from former Braves players, including Hank Aaron. Jones’s number retirement ceremony also took place on June 28 prior to the Braves’ game against the Arizona Diamondbacks


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