Chloe Jure Racist Tiktok Video Explained: Everything On School, Age And Instagram

Chloe Jure is a TikTok personality currently caught up in a controversy because of her racist TikTok video. 

As we all know, TikTok is a platform to showcase talents. However, some people don’t realize that it should be used properly. 

A similar kind of thing happened to a high school student, Chloe Jure. She uploaded a TikTok video humiliating and passing racist comments. Moreover, her racist video went viral showering bad comments from social media users all over the world.

Besides, there are rumors that she also doesn’t prefer being around LGBT students at her high school.

NameChloe Jure
BirthdayMarch 27, 2003
ProfessionTikTok star
EducationRedlands East Valley High School
Instagram@chloebjure (deleted)
Tiktok@chloebjure (deleted)

10 Facts On Chloe Jure

  1. Chloe Jure is known for her TikTok where she uploaded racist content and people backlashed on her with hateful comments. Basically, she is an infamous TikTok personality.
  2. Moreover, Chloe Jure is now tagged as a racist because of her TikTok video. Additionally, her TikTok account is currently deleted for obvious reasons. 
  3. Chloe Jure attended Redlands East Valley High School. People have been approaching the principal of this school to take action against her. However, some users on Reddit claimed that he mostly replied that the incident was under investigation.
  4. Moreover, we did some digging up and found out Chloe is 17 years old of age at present. She was born on March 27, 2003, and is Aries by zodiac sign.
  5. The TikTok girl has an Instagram account. However, we can’t get a hold of her Instagram account after the controversy. Moreover, her haters have created an account @chloejuretheracist to troll her.
  6. We don’t know exactly how tall she is. Judging from her pictures, she might be around 5 feet 1 inch in terms of height.
  7. Nothing regarding her parents and family is available.
  8. Chloe is probably single. No details on her sexuality is yet known.
  9. She was born and raised in California.
  10. Chloe Jure plays football in her school wearing jersey no. 3.