Cornelius Pollmer Wikipedia And Family: Everything On The Journalist


Is Cornelius Pollmer available on the Wikipedia page? He gives a bold analysis of several political issues. Let us find more about him.

Cornelius is a German journalist, news reporter, and author. He currently works as the host in Deutsche Journalistenschule.

He moderates the discussion format “Samt und Sonders” produced at the Dresden State Theater.

<strong>How Old Is Cornelius Pollmer? His Family</strong>

Cornelius Pollmer is currently 37 years of age.

He was born in Dresden, Germany, in 1984. Although, his exact date of birth is still unknown.

Cornelius grew up in the Dresden district, where he also completed his economic studies at the TU Dresden in 2008 with a diploma.

From Autumn 2008, he attended the master’s course at the German school of journalism in Munich and graduated in 2010. Further, in 2011, Pollmer received the Arthur F. Burns fellowship from the International Center for Journalism.

There are not many details available regarding Cornelius’s early age.

Similarly, he has not shared anything about his parents and other family members.

But, Cornelius is available on Twitter to get to know more about the journalist through his Twitter handle.

<strong>Cornelius Pollmer Net Worth</strong>

Cornelius Pollmer’s net worth is yet to come to light.

According to various rumors, the journalist earns around  €55,000 as his salary annually. However, the exact figures are unknown as of now.

Cornelius earned it with a successful career in news reporting and journalism. He has been working in the journalism field for quite a long time.

<strong>Is Cornelius Pollmer On Wikipedia?</strong>

Cornelius Pollmer is yet to have a Wikipedia page of his own.

But, several other web portals have displayed a short biography on the German journalist. Pollmer initially worked as a journalist for the Sächsische Zeitung and as a head of text for youth magazine spiesser.

He then worked from May 2013 to 2017 as an SZ correspondent for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia.

He is also a member of the jury for “DUDEN open,” a prize for young journalists.