Dateline: Who Is Charlie Tan? Everything On Pittsford Man Who Admitted To Killing His Father

Charlie Tan is not mentioned on Wikipedia since he is a convicted felon. Meanwhile, his case regarding his father’s murder is also being aired in NBC’s crime series Dateline. 

Charlie Tan is a convicted felon and murderer who is responsible for the killing of his father by shooting him thrice at their Brown residence.

In February of 2015, Jim Tan, the president of the Canandaigua-based Dynamax Imaging, was found dead at his residence in Pittsford, New York.

Several investigations were carried out, but the murderer was not found. In 2017, Charlie was arrested for having an illegally contained weapon that was used for killing.

Hence, he was under prosecution for that case. About 2 years late, in November of 2019, Charlie pleaded guilty to killing his father.

He said that his father, Jim was a very abusive man, and Charlie always had the plan to eventually ill his father and make things good.

Hence, with the recent request of vacating his 20 years sentence, this case has again been raised in the media and web.

Well, not just that, but now NBC’s hit show Dateline has also premiered an episode based on his crime story, which is getting a lot of public recognition.

Charlie Tan Age And Wikipedia Bio

Charlie Tan’s current age is 26 years old.

However, his exact date of birth or current age is not mentioned anywhere.

We had estimated his age based on the fact that he was just 19 when he killed his father in February 2015.

He was a common man who used to do everyday jobs.

Abused by his father for a long time, he was depressed, which led him to commit the horrible crime of killing his family.

Charlie Tan Mother And Girlfriend

Charlie Tan’s mother is Jean Tan, also known as Quin Tan.

At the beginning of the case, when Jim was just murdered, the police were suspecting that it was Jean who killed her husband, Jim.

Later, Charlie pleaded guilty, but Jean said everything about how abusive her husband was. She reported everything regarding the violence which happening at their house.

Charlie Tan does have a girlfriend, but there is no information regarding any specific details about her.

Where Is Charlie Tan Now?

Charlie Tan is now in prison, and he is fighting to get out of it.

A new case has been built which says that Charlie was in the ending year of his teenage and depressed.

Also, he was constantly abused by his father, which led to his action, and he should not be serving 2 years in prison for that.

Moreover, his attorneys said that until that day in trial, they never revealed anything regarding the abuse to weaken the case.

However, things are pretty complicated now. The majority of people and jury think that there are even more severe cases where people have reported the abuse rather than killing the abuser.

Hence, any proper decision regarding his case is not made yet and is still pending.