East A. Portland Cement

East A. Portland Cement Co. (EAPCC) Ltd For over 75 years EAPCC has selected, blended raw materials and followed stringent quality control procedures in the manufacture of Blue Triangle Cement.

We began with one small cement mill in 1933 and used to import clinker from India to grind. Initial production capacity was 60,000 tons of cement per annum. The company installed a new mill 5 which doubled capacity to 1.3 million tons of cement in December 2008 when we celebrated our 75th anniversary.

Today, EAPCC continues to dominate the local market, with Portland cement, sold under the brand name Blue Triangle Cement, a brand of choice throughout Kenya and the COMESA region.

P. O. Box 40101, 00100, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: (045) 20627 / 22 777
Fax: (045) 2 04 06 / 23 78
E-mail: [email protected]