Francie Frane

Francie Frane is known as the new girlfriend of Dog the Bounty Hunter in showbiz.

NameFrancie Frane
Net WorthN/A

Recently, Duane announced his new love life with Francie. And, his fans happily welcomed his new partner. Also, his children had no objection to the relationship.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a household name in the US. His personal life can buzz the internet for couple of months. And, it has just been a few days of his new girlfriend’s revelation. It has become a new topic for everyone to talk about. 

All of these gave the limelight to Francie as well. She isn’t a famous media personality. But, she will soon become one as she is linked with one of the renowned media personas.

10 Facts About Francie Frane

  1. Francie Frane (born 1968) is the new girlfriend of Dog The Bounty Hunter’s star Duane Chapman. She is 51 years old. But, her exact date of birth isn’t available on the internet.
  2. Her boyfriend has a dedicated Wikipedia. But, she lacks one. However, media outlets have gathered some details about her.
  3. She is of American nationality. And, her ethnicity is white.
  4. Even a single detail about her personal and professional life isn’t available. She is introduced as a celebrity spouse in showbiz.
  5. Francie and Duane “Dog” Chapman began dating a few months ago. Firstly, his daughter had a problem with their relationship. But, now they have all accepted her as Duane’s new girlfriend.
  6. She and her boyfriend, Duane attends showbiz’s events together holding hands. 
  7. Her height isn’t available on the internet. She looks charming and beautiful.
  8. Details about her children and ex-husband are nowhere to be found.
  9. Her net worth is yet under review. She enjoys a luxurious life and is dating a rich actor. 
  10. She isn’t active on social media platforms. You need to google her photos to view them.