The answer is a yes and a no because Frank Prater is not related to Sabrina Prater but rather Frank ‘is’ Sabrina Prater.

Frank goes by his TikTok name @sabrinaprater625 and likes to call himself Sabrina Prater on social media.

The 34-year-old TikTok star changed his name to Sabrina as it was more feminine and suited his nature and the category of his videos.

Frank is from Flint, which is the largest city in Michigan, United States.

Why Is Frank Prater Rising On TikTok?

Frank’s fame is constantly on the rise in TikTok. He usually posts videos in which he dresses up as a girl, dances, and enjoys.

By looking at his videos, people feel that people can still be themselves without caring what others say despite social obstructions and harsh constructs.

This must be the main reason for his high view count and fame.

There are other groups of people who look at Frank’s video to mock him or spread hate. But Frank doesn’t care and frequently posts videos by mentioning his haters.

@sabrinaprater625 ♬ original sound – 🥀🖤💛❤🥀

On a more recent note, one of Frank’s live streams was banned from TikTok as it was flagged for sexual content and nudity.

This also contributed to his fame as people are more attracted to negative results than positive results.

Nevertheless, Frank has 202.4 K followers on TikTok with a total of 1.9 million likes. Every video of Frank has more than 100 K views, with most of the videos with more than 500 K views.

His most viewed video has a massive view count of 17.5 M views.

@sabrinaprater625 ♬ original sound – Faithfullyfit