Fusajiro Yamauchi

Fusajiro Yamauchi was the founder of the company which is known as Nintendo. He is also known as an entrepreneur. He is from Japan and used to live in Kyoto, Japan. He died in January 11940 at the age of 80 because of a stroke. He was Japanese. He has a wife and a daughter.

NameFusajiro Yamauchi
BirthdayNovember 22, 1859
AgeDied at the age of 80
ProfessionFounder of Nintendo
ChildrenTei Yamauchi

He first opened the Hanafiuda card shop which was called Nintendo Koppai which was opened on November 7, 1889. It was opened at those times when the Japanese government was banning playing cards from the public as many public were found being involved in gambling.

As he opened his first shop it became a huge success and later on, he opened his second branch f the shop in Osaka. After opening his second branch he opened many branches and formed a huge company which is today known as Nintendo. Fusajiro retired in1929 and was not in the business for 10 years until he died with a stroke.


10 Facts About Fusajiro Yamauchi:

  1. Fusajiro Yamauchi was born on November 22, 1859, and he died on January 1, 1940, at the age of 80 years. 
  2. There is no information regarding his height and weight. 
  3. He was a Japanese who was born in Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan. He died in the same place. 
  4. Professionally, he was well-known as an entrepreneur who founded the world-famous company called Nintendo. 
  5. There is no information about his parents as well as his siblings. 
  6. There is no information about how much he earned when he was alive. 
  7. He was married and had a daughter named Tei Yamauchi who got married to Sekiryo Kaneda who took Fusajiro’s position at Nintendo. 
  8. It is believed that he had completed his entire studies in Japan. 
  9. Fusajiro is already dead but his memories are always with us. It has already been 80 years since he left this world. 
  10. Currently, Shuntaro Furukawa is serving as the CEO of Fusajiro’s Nintendo.