Guru Jagat Husband John Wineland – Do They Have A Daughter?

Guru Jagat and husband John Wineland never had any children together. Meet John’s daughter Claire who is no longer alive.

Wineland is a motivational speaker and relationship from America. He also gives a speech on sexual intimacy.

John Wineland Age and Wikipedia Explored

John Wineland’s age seems to be over 45 years old. But his exact birth details are yet to surface on the internet.

Likewise, John still awaits a Wikipedia mention. Yet Wineland presents his biography on his personal website.

Wineland has a net worth of hundreds of thousands. But the exact figures of his earnings are still a mystery.

Is Guru Jagat Dead Or Alive?

Guru Jagat is dead as of now. Jagat left the world after she suffered a respiratory embolism.

In fact, Guru suffered death on August 2, 2021. Jagat’s obituary was released by many of her supporters.

Besides, there are rumors that the demise of John’s lady is just a hoax.

Know John Wineland Daughter – Claire Wineland

John Wineland had a girl named Claire Wineland. He had welcomed her to the world in 2000.

Sadly, John’s kid died recently. She had got a new pair of lungs in a transplant just one week before her death.

To point out, Claire had to be put on life support a while before she died. She had suffered a store following her lung transplant.

Actually, she had a genetic condition called cystic fibrosis. It had disturbed the flow of air on her longs after the creation of excessive mucus.

Not to mention, Claire gave motivational speeches too. In addition, she was an activist and a social media star too.

As a matter of fact, Claire was born to her mother Melissa Nordquist. Melissa was the partner of John’s first marriage.

However, the baby girl was 3 years old when she saw her parents separated. But she never lacked love from both.

Meet Guru Jagat Husband John Wineland

Guru Jagat has a spouse named John Wineland. But it is not clear if they were actually married.

Actually, Jagat and Wineland share a very close relationship. In fact, Wineland was a mentor and a coach of Jagat.

Guru Jagat’s actual name is Katie Griggs. She set up the new RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology. It is located in Venice and California.

Likewise, Jagat launched the Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society in 2017. It has been joined by people from over 20 nations worldwide.

In fact, Katie has been practicing yoga for around a couple of decades now. The instructor and public speaker was also a Kundalini educator.