Helen Napier: 10 Facts To Know About Ben Napier’s Daughter

Helen Napier is the cute and charming daughter of The HomeTown stars, Ben Napier and Elen Napier. 

Helen came into the limelight through the show, and it is wholehearted to see her grow in the series. She is also often on the news because of the affection and warmth of her parents.

Quick Facts: Helen Napier: 10 Facts To Know About Ben Napier’s Daughter

NameHelen Napier
ParentsErin Napier, Ben Napier

10 Facts about Helen Napier

  1. Helen Napier was born in January 2018 and is two years old by age. However, the actual birthdate is still not known. She will mark her third birthday this year. 
  2. The details about the body measurements of little Helen is not revealed. However, she is marking her developmental stages with decent height and required body weight.
  3. Helen Napier is born to the stars of The HomeTown series, Ben Napier and Elen Napier. The couple has been hosting the series since its first season and started the filming when Helen was five months old. 
  4. Previously, there was an Instagram account of the little kid managed by her parents. However, many negative comments popped on the photos, and there were trolls made. Due to this, Ben deleted her Instagram account.
  5. There is no necessity to calculate Helen Napier’s net worth as she is  little kid has no net worth of her own. However, her parents claim a healthy net worth of $5 million. 
  6. Recently, Helen was admired on the internet for her great fortune. She received a beautiful Porch Chair designed by her father. 
  7. Erin and Ben have been a part of series The HomeTown series for a long time. It is a popular home renovation series loved by many people. We can also see Helen in most of the videos.
  8. Both of the parents created an elegant and magical nursery for Helen. Every detail of the room is picked and handcrafted by Ben himself. The effort and ideas of parents were well-appreciated.
  9. At the moment, many details about the little girl are not revealed by her parents. Both parents are concerned about the privacy matter. 
  10. For now, Helen is enjoying a charming and beautiful childhood. We wish to see her grow elegantly throughout the time.